Physics is fun!

The weather outside is perfect and I can’t think of a better time to run around and have fun with someone. Sadly, I haven’t heard much from Mr. Nice Guy or Mr. Uptight. To be fair, it’s not like I’ve been trying to talk to them or anything. I get bored easily when I am not excited about the sex…

Thankfully, I’d been flirting with a guy online and we finally had the chance to meet up. He’s in the country to work for the Koreans doing some cool Physics-related stuff. I jumped on over to the MIT open course web site, and brushed up on my Physics quickly when we set a date to meet.

I actually used to date an aerospace engineer, so I’ve done enough time around graduate students in science and engineering to speak their language. Physics specifically though- I don’t think I’d thought about that since freshmen year in college! After a little brushing up and some stalking (I looked up his name and read the papers he’s published in various science journals) I was ready to rock.

I took him to a picnic. A group called Lost in Seoul put it on and I had sort of wanted to go anyway, so I thought, why not? A picnic is a classy first date, right? I guess it was because he seemed impressed. Now, before I go on I should give him a name, but he has a PHD so I feel like Dr. is more appropriate than Mr. in this case…  So how about Dr. Desire? It’s cheesy, but I get wet when guys talk nerdy to me so I wanted him almost the moment I met him. How lucky, I thought when I first saw him, that he is smart AND cute!

We walked all over, ate dinner, hung at a bar, and ended up back at his place. There was sex, and it was really good. I mean, it wasn’t really kinky or anything, but it was the best sex I have had since Mr. Bond, so that was awesome! Physics must come into play somewhere here, because he moved in a really sexy, awesome way.

We got breakfast in the morning. He’s nuts about bagels (yes, he’s Jewish) so that’s what we did. I don’t usually eat breakfast, but I am willing to indulge someone who entertains me and Dr. Desire most certainly does. I wish he was in town longer!

Before he left, we made a plan to travel to the beach next weekend. I am pretty fucking excited!

Oh, and Mr. Knight has finally decided what to do. He bought a plane ticket to go see his sister on some island in Central America, and then he’ll head home to Tennessee. He was actually talking to his parents the other day and I got to hear his accent come out… so adorable! He’s a dear and I’ll miss him, but I’m also kind of happy to have my house back soon. A few more weeks…

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