Sex and the Beach!

Near Haeundae beach at a huge temple

I find this “weekly fun” section to be the least exciting part of my blog. I know it will get more interesting as I have more play partners that I am doing fun things with, but everyone goes through dry spells some times and this is one of mine. It’s not a lack of sex so much as a lack of sex you probably want to hear about.

So I went to Busan with a Physicist and we stared out at the waves and played in the sand, and we had a lot of mostly vanilla sex. He’s into a lot of sex machine kind of stuff and obviously most of us in the community do not pack toys for short vacations (I mean, sometimes for a special occasion, but not as a matter of form). So, it was mostly just vanilla fun.

I promise to have some more interesting sex later. It was actually a REALLY fun weekend and I adore the shit out of the good doctor, but I feel like this blog is not about describing the intimate details of my life, as much as it is about telling you helpful stuff. So that said, this weekend I didn’t do anything that would help you learn anything. I just had a really good time.

Cheers from the beach!

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