Movies you might like

It’s come to my attention that movies with BDSM themes can be helpful to those getting into the community. I jumped in feet first myself, with no idea what all what I was getting into. But, I agree that starting with some reading and movies is probably much better. So with that in mind, here are some movies you might like:

First, Walk All Over Me is actually pretty funny, though not all that realistic and a bit out of date by now (the whole VHS tape thing made me giggle!) Also I think I just giggle at Canadian movies in general.
Of course The Story of O is good too. I don’t think there is anything like the castle in the movie, but there are dungeons like the CSPC in Seattle where you can go and bond with other subs.

Everyone considers The Secretary a classic. I don’t think it’s the most healthy relationship ever, but then, the problem with movies is that they never seem to show BDSM relationships that are healthy and sane.

If you’re okay with subtitles, Sex and Zen is pretty good. It’s just a lot of reading. Still, it seems like BDSM Asia-style is pretty cool.

That’s just a few ideas to start you off. I should also compile a list of better books than 50 shades of Grey, which I promise to get on top of soon. Right now I’m swamped under the planing of a huge Halloween party and I have very little time to write.

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