A Personal Update

Just a statue of a guy eating a girl out. That’s how we roll in Asia.


It’s been a long time since I wrote a post about my weekly fun. There are a lot of reasons for that.

First, I feel like that is the least interesting part of this blog. The biggest reaction I have received has been from the erotica. I also get props for the tips and tricks. However, no one seems to want to hear about a Dominatrix’s personal life. I am quite okay with that. I think it’s boring too.

Second, my life got really busy all of a sudden and I didn’t know how to write about it. When I have a lot going on, it’s hard to clear my mind and think in a direct and businesslike way. I’ve got pets, long distance stuff, and it’s too much clutter to sort into good posts.

I might get back to doing weekly fun posts if anyone asks for them, or if I find myself with the time and inspiration. For now, I’ll stick to other things. Besides, it’s been suggested that I should try writing about memories of really good scenes I’ve done, so I’m going to try to think on that.

Anyway, thanks for reading! I really appreciated the feedback I get, and I hope to hear more in the future. This is turning out to be more fun than I expected.

2 thoughts on “A Personal Update

  1. Hi. Could you please tell me more about the cunillingus statue? Whatever you may have esp artist, location (you say Asia) , and other places on the internet the statue can be viewed. Thanks so much.

    • I’ll be honest; I have no idea if you can see it anywhere else on the internet.

      But you can see it in person at Jeju Island’s “Loveland” theme park.

      Jeju is a small island that belongs to South Korea, though it is a 4 hour ferry ride away from the Peninsula. The island has 3 “penis parks” on it (parks with erotic statues) but Loveland is by far the most impressive.

      While you’re on the island, Jeju Mini mini land is pretty amazing too. It has tiny representations of all the landmarks in the world, including the Sydney Opera House, the Eiffel Tower, and The White House. It’s a really fun place to take pictures.

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