Taking His Virginity

This is going to be fun…


He looks at me from across the table. He is like my pet- skinny but covered in that lean muscle I love so much. Guys like that are so much stronger than they look. His arms bulge in a distracting way when he moves, and he catches me checking him out. I am not discrete. My face clearly betrays my desire to rape him right there in the bar. The chemistry between us is electric and I know he can feel my desire.

He’s shy and smart, and he’d been chasing a young girl who had no interest in him. They cuddled a little because she felt bad for him. She is young and all she can see is his trouble talking to girls and his lack of aggressive behavior. She assumed that meant he didn’t want her. I know better. He’s a submissive. He wants to be taken. He has come to the right person.

In my head he is already at my house. He’s in the big, fluffy chair and his hands are bound behind his back. He’s blindfolded and he’s trembling the way my pet does when he first comes to my house. I find it sexy as hell that he shakes like an aspen leaf in the wind because he’s near me. It makes me feel sexy and powerful to be so scary to someone.

I whisper in his ear “It’s okay. I’m not going to hurt you. Maybe later- but not now. Now I just want to enjoy every inch of you.”

I run my hands along his young, soft skin. He shivers. I bite softly at his nipples and his neck. I breath in his ear. I reach down to touch his cock and find it hard like it’s made of stone; as only the really young, healthy boys get. I feel my own body responding as my pussy gets slippery wet.

I tell him “I am so wet right now, I am going to start dripping on my floor. I can’t tell you how much I want to climb on top of you and slide you inside of me. Would you like that?”

His body is so tense that all his muscles are tightened into chords and he looks like he could spring 10 feet in the air from all the built-up energy. He is a ball of hormones and sexual tension, and it’s a huge turn-on for me.

I think he tries to speak. His mouth moves but no sound comes out. He seems beyond being able to speak. But I can’t take it by force; not this time.

“I need you to ask me to fuck you.” I say sweetly. “I can’t do it the first time unless you ask. Just say you want me and you’ll have me.”

He is blindfolded, but he can tell where I am because of my voice. He turns to me and says in a trembling voice, “Please Mistress, I want you to fuck me.”

In seconds I am on him and he slides in easily because I really am dripping wet. He gasps when he feels himself go in. I linger there, not moving. I let him feel what it’s like to have a warm, wet pussy wrapped around his cock for the first time. Then, slowly, I start to move. He groans in pleasure.

I know he won’t last long. Who does, their first time? When I start to go faster, I can tell he’s building to orgasm, though he is too nervous to tell me. I move faster and faster and his entire body feels hard underneath me. His breathing is ragged and he’s clearly close.

“It’s okay to cum,” I whisper. “Cum inside me. I want you to fill me.”

That’s all he can handle. He cries out. Maybe it was meant to be words, but it only comes out as primal sounds. He cums hard, and when his body goes slack the look of peace and pleasure on his face is amazing. He looks like an angel, even with sweat dripping down from his hairline.

I untie his hands, and slip the blindfold off. I slide him out of me and go to the bathroom to clean up. When I come back, he’s sitting on the couch looking shy. Even as he looks shy though, he looks enchanted. I know that, for the rest of his life, he will compare every woman he sleeps with to me. I will always be his first, and he will never forget what has just happened. That makes me happy.

“Come upstairs,” I say say. “We can cuddle a little and sleep, or maybe do it again if you feel up to it.”

His eyes sparkle with happiness  The candlelight makes him look even more like an angel, and I take a moment to appreciate the perfect body of the man in front of me. He stands and goes up the stairs, and I am very happy to follow him.

This whole fantasy plays out in my head as we sit across from one another sipping our drinks on our first date.  I wish our mutual friend had not told me that he is a virgin. Now it’s all I can think about! A virgin from fetlife.com….

I sip my straight whiskey calmly and take in every detail of him. Yum!

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