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Finding kink in various places around the world can sometimes be challenging. Sex clubs are usually the best kept secret of a city. I’m going to write a short review of a place called Club Desire in Gangnam (a district of Seoul).

Basically, it’s a “secret” club where you make a reservation (via the web site), go there and have a drink, and then when the club fills up you have sex. I guess it’s not very kinky. They have paddles and whips hanging on one wall, but no one has ever used them when I was there. If you’re kink isn’t Voyeurism or being an Exhibitionist, you may not like it. It’s really just the chance to watch others have sex and let others watch you.

The last time I went, I took a friend who was visiting from the USA. He had been interested in the idea of having sex in front of people. Sadly, he got very nervous once we were actually there and couldn’t really stay hard. It happens sometimes, yeah? So instead he went down on me for ages while the people around us watched me squirm and scream. In fact, a few couples even had the bar tender come up and ask if we would swap. (Swinging happens at this club, but you can’t approach a couple directly. You have to have the bartender serve as an intermediary.)

Anyway, I have always had fun at this club. Most people I have taken have been too nervous to enjoy it because they have not had a lot of public sex. However, there are great moments. I was watching this one couple last time I was there and the girl was beautiful. When she came she screamed “씨발!” in such a sexy way… (That’s kind of like the Korean equivalent of “Fuck.”)

As long as you remember to keep calm and enjoy the scenery, I think you’ll have a good time!

17 thoughts on “Club Desire

  1. Hey Lady,

    I’m in Seoul with my girlfriend until Tuesday and we are really interested in “Club Desire”… I’m 26 and she is 23. It seems you have been there a few times, do you think we are too young for this ? Can we find some people in their 20’s or 30’s ? My girlfriend is bi curious but we have never swapped before. We would like to fuck while other people are looking, and then be joined by other Korean couples.

    Also you say we have to buy some set of drinks before entering. Is 160 000 an average price or we can find some drinks at a decent price ?

    And finally, about the reservation, it’s kinda hard for us to ask for our hotel to book for us. Do we need to book for Club Desire several days before, or the same day is ok ?

    Thank you very much for your help, keep up the good work !

    Best regards

    • The average price for a bottle set (which will last you all night) is 160,000 Won. A beer set might be 130,000 Won. Again, it is drinks for your whole night, and it comes with food.

      On a weekday, same day should be fine. Weekdays are very quite.

      And no, you’re not too young. However, be ready to see older people there. Also, Koreans very rarely do anything same-sex. This is not the place to live out your lesbian fantasy.

  2. Hi!

    Thanks for the review.
    Interesting I’ve been looking for clubs like this in Korea on the web but this is the first one I’ve come across. I’ve been to similar clubs in many different countries. I’ll be travelling in Korea for a couple of weeks in April. As I understand this is a couples only club so I need to find some to bring, have a Korean girl I’ll visit but I’m not sure if I can suggest it to her. Don’t know her that well, met her when she was travelling in Sweden. Do you have any tip on how to find someone to bring? I’m a good looking swede in the 30s.

  3. Do you take all of your clothes off and put them in the locker, then walk around naked or can you strip down to whatever you’re comfortable with? The Mrs. and I are thinking about going, but since it’s strictly couples, it probably won’t be our cup of tea. I prefer to just watch her with other guys; too bad they don’t let single guys in.

    • Yes, you can walk around naked. Or, you can keep your clothes on. It is up to you. You can still ask other men there if they would like to fuck your wife while you watch. Their wives or girlfriends generally are okay with this since most people swap there.

  4. Thank you for the review.
    Is Club Desire strictly couples or can 2 single guys or single girls get it?
    If it is the case that only couples (guy with a girl) can get in, do you of a place like this for single people?

    • It is only couples. No single men at all, though some nights they may allow single women (if it is a special event night.) No, there is not place like this for single people. Swingers clubs are, by definition, for couples.

  5. hello there

    I sincerely cannot work the reservation on the website, can you help us out? My husband and I will love to go next saturday 🙂
    should be fun!!!

    • Call their phone number. You WILL get someone who can help you if you speak Korean. You MAY get someone who can help you in English. It’s worth a try.

      I am no longer in Korea. I took some time to visit family in the states and am now in the process of a move to Guam, so I’m really not even close to in the area.

    • As non-Korean speakers, we’ve always had our best luck just texting the club (010-9477-4543). Calling has generally been frustrating and rarely have we gotten an English speaker. Additionally, after having gone to both Desire and Yesica several times, we always seem to have a better time at Yesica. As a bonus, while Desire always costs us about $170/visit, the owner at Yesica seems to base the cost on how attractive and outgoing you are. For us, that’s equated to $50/visit. That’s a significant difference in cost. Hope this helps. Good luck!

      • We’ve only lived in Seoul for a year, so I’m not sure how long Yesica has been around. We first learned of it via the Tumblr blog, “seoulsexdisco.” Check it out, it has the blog owner’s thoughts of all three sex clubs in Seoul.

  6. I’ve been there so long but Recently I found peak of swinger’s club in hongdae. ‘0ja’ seems pretty good. before going to party or after club, I visit there for pre-game or after-game lol

  7. Hello, for yesika, you can now send mail there : there is an english speaker who can give you directions and make reservation !
    Was there last week end, the owner is really friendly and make you confortable, she also help to make things happen with korean couples !

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