My Last Night At Club Desire

My boot in his back

My boot in his back

Pet said I should write about my last night at Club Desire. I wasn’t sure it was good material for a post, but it was fun. Anyway I love Pet, so I decided I would write about it.

We spent the whole day at Everland, which is like Korean Disney Land. We were really tired after walking around the park all day. But, I’d never taken Pet to Club Desire and he really wanted to go. So I thought; “What the hell?”

We made a reservation in English, which I have had trouble with in the past. I guess it was just lucky that someone who spoke English answered the phone.

When we got there, the bartender remembered me. I was pretty impressed with that, until I realized they don’t get many non-Koreans. He seated us at a couch in the middle of the room. I imagine that was to show us off. (Hey check this out, today we have foreigners!) We got a whiskey bottle set for 170,000 Won. The cheapest thing is a beer set for 130,000 Won, but I wanted whiskey.  And then, we waited for the club to fill up.

Now, I am told that Club Desire is busier on Fridays, but I have only been there on Saturdays. This didn’t happen to be a busy Saturday, so the club only filled up about halfway before people started having sex. I’m going to go ahead and admit that I like to show off, and that I actually had a lot of fun this trip to Club Desire because Pet is really pretty and fun to show off. He was the only one in the club with six-pack abs. Also, not to stereotype, but Koreans are typically a little smaller on average than American guys. And Pet happens to be a bit bigger than your average American (about 10 inches.) So, I was kind of looking forward to the looks I expected us to get.

I should mention that I love to perform. I grew up on the streets, on couches, and in garages. My boyfriend at the time and I were never anywhere private. But you know how it is with teenagers; his dick was metal and my pussy was a magnet. We fucked all the time. We always pulled a blanket over us, but everyone would watch anyway and try to guess at what was going on.

“Oh, looks like he’s going down on her. Let’s see if she can keep from screaming…”

It’s kind of embarrassing to look back on, but my 16-year-old self just didn’t care because my boyfriend was amazing and I was in love with him and the orgasms he gave me.

So Pet and I were seated in the center of the room in Club Desire, and I told him to take his clothes off. Then I started to play with him. He got hard right away from the excitement of being watched, and from seeing all the couples around us having sex. I ran my hand up and down his cock slowly, while sucking on the tip. I tried to do it in such a way that I wasn’t blocking anyone’s view, so that all 10 inches of my Pet were clearly visible.

Our eyes do not often meet, because Pet and I are not the sort to gaze longingly into someone’s eyes. Certain moments though- eye contact can be very powerful. I got on my knees on the floor and looked up at him as I licked his cock playfully. He looked down at me and he grinned.

“You love this, don’t you?” he asked.

I’m not sure he realized what a show-off I am before that moment.

He pulled me up onto our couch then and started to fuck me. I tried not to cry out too loud, (because Korean girls don’t scream much and I didn’t want to be rude) but I couldn’t really help myself. I could feel the eyes on me. I imagined the Korean girls thinking I must be in pain, to have something so big inside of me. And I whispered to pet then;

“When you’re about to cum, pull out. I want you to cum in my mouth.”

It was like my words broke some resolve he had to last longer, because almost instantly he pulled out and I sucked his hot cum into my mouth. I smiled as I imagined the thoughts of everyone whose eyes were upon us.

I laid back to relax, but not Pet. While I enjoyed a whiskey and coke, his eyes darted around the room watching the other couples. He fixed on a girl next to us and made a “swap” motion with his hands.

Now of course, at Club Desire, you’re meant to negotiate swapping through the bar tender. However, I don’t think Pet could contain himself, and in any case, the couple seemed fine with it. The guy came over to our couch, and Pet went over to theirs. I had a moment where I was unsure what to do, but Pet had no such moment. He started to fuck her, and she grabbed her husband and whispered that it hurt. He held her tightly and told her over and over “It’s okay…”

I watched, sort of confused. I couldn’t tell if she was serious about being in pain or if she was just being dramatic. But I figured, since her husband was holding her with both arms while Pet fucked her and he didn’t tell Pet to stop, she must be okay. So I amused myself stroking the husband’s small Korean penis and watching. I love the way Pet moves when he’s fucking someone. His muscles ripple and he looks so intense. I watched his arms flex as he pulled her closer, and I couldn’t help but  feel proud. My Pet is so sexy!

Finally, the wife said it was too much, and Pet came and sat next to me again. He looked over at the couple on our other side and did the swapping motion again. The man nodded, and switched places with Pet. I laughed to myself, because Pet was so eager and so excited!

Of course, Pet didn’t stop to say a word to the woman, and just started to lick her. But the man asked where I was from, and we started to talk. He said he was a plastic surgeon and his girlfriend was 40. I giggled as I told him my Pet was 22. We watched them for a moment and laughed. Then he looked at me and said;

“May I lick you?”

How could I say no to that? I laid back and let him reach between my legs and start to touch me and play with me. His hands were so soft I couldn’t believe it, and his tongue was careful but firm. I felt myself pressing closer to him, and soon I was clawing at his back and gasping. When I came, it was sudden and hard. I felt my pussy dripping, because I so rarely have orgasms and it was so good. I trembled for awhile, like jello. Damn, I thought. Man’s got skills. There’s quite a lot to be said for older guys who know what they are going. I ran my fingers through his white hair. It was thick, and utterly sexy.

Then his girlfriend was suddenly on my couch and of course, I reached out to touch her because she was beautiful and right in front of me. She looked shocked, and went back to her own couch. Her boyfriend talked to her, and sent her back. This time, she let me touch her.

I went down on my knees in front of her and started to lick her. I slipped one finger inside of her to rub her G-spot. Then, after awhile, I slipped in two. Even after Pet fucked her, she still felt tight. She squirmed as I played with her. I felt her swell, and then I felt her cum. She made an adorable little sound then, and she hugged me.

The bartender walked over then, to say that the cub was closing. The man asked us to come get breakfast, and we agreed. We walked out of the club and onto the street, where the surgeon’s Land Rover was parked. We hopped in and the girl put on Disco music. She kept reaching back to touch the inside of my leg and grin like a kid in a candy store. It was adorable.

And off we went, driving down the street in Gangnam with two strangers we’d just fucked, in a Land Rover bumping 1970’s American Disco.


The creator of this awesome rig

The creator of this awesome rig

So a friend of mine who goes by Hexavier in the scene created a very nice rig to do suspensions from. It sets up easily in a living room, and then stores easily as a few pipes under the couch. I thought it was really cool, so I wanted to write about it.

Here’s what it looks like all set up:

The rig put together

The rig put together

Because it’s made out of very strong pipes, it’s able to hold up to 8,000 lbs.  He states that the working load limit is 1,000 lbs.  I have actually watched him suspend two girls from it at the same time, and it didn’t even move. Its very solid.

So how do you create such a thing yourself? Well, it’s as easily as buying some pipes (go for the thick, strong metal), cutting them to the length you want, and fitting then with some end pieces that either slot or thread together.  His is made from 2 inch black pipe for the support on top and 1 inch black pipe for the legs.  The foot print when setup is 6′ x 6′ x 6′.  The exact dimensions and build could be retrieved from him on Fetlife.  Here’s what the parts look like before being snapped into place:

Note the rubber caps to protect carpet. Good idea!

Note the rubber caps to protect carpet. Good idea!

Again, I’m not likely to build my own suspension rig, since I’m not much of a rope person anyway. Still, I think it’s impressive as hell and Hexavier was great to have at play parties, where he did suspensions for the guests. So awesome!

If you’re into rope, you should totally try designing and building your own rig!

Trying to get in Trouble in Thailand

Inside a temple in Chang Mai

Inside a temple in Chang Mai

So I planned a trip to Thailand because a long time ago in a land far away, I promised a woman who took care of me and was kind to me that I would go there some day. Before I went, I hit up the Bangkok group on to ask what kinky stuff I could find there. I didn’t get any responses though- so make of that what you will.

Anyway, after several weeks I have to tell you; there’s not much kinky stuff to see in Bangkok.

Yes, there are ping pong ball shows (and no I do not have pictures because they don’t allow cameras in the sex clubs- but I will write about my trip to see a pussy with eels in it at some point.) And there are hookers of all kinds. You could buy a wife too, if you wanted. But then, you don’t need to come here to do that. They have websites to order them online. In fact, the woman who I promised I would come here was a mail order bride herself.

So if you want a Thai wife, or a ping pong ball show for tourists, or a ladyboy to do whatever with, you can find it in Bangkok.

Also, you can find about a zillion buddhas because they call it the land of a thousand buddhas for a reason.

A temple in Bangkok

A temple in Bangkok

I tried my hardest to get into trouble. I went on a date with a Hell’s Angel in Chang Mai and asked him to take me to the Mother Of All Dive Bars or anywhere skivvy and fun.  The dive bar was certainly the biggest dive I’ve been in after traveling the world, so I’ll give him that. And yet… no sex shops with whips and chains. No dungeons. And when I asked about kink, everyone just kind of looked at me and then said:  “you mean like a ladyboy?”

I’ll keep searching. I haven’t given up yet! But I have to say, I’ve never had this much trouble finding kinky stuff in any other country in the world. If you know of any kinky spots anywhere in Thailand, you tell me in the comments, okay?

Inside yet another temple; this one in the South

Inside yet another temple; this one in the South

Going Vanilla

We've almost all tried it...

We’ve almost all tried it…

Sometimes the scene can get a little uncomfortable where you are, right? Like, this one time when I was dating 3 guys who I assumed all knew that we were not exclusive (since it had never come up and I had never agreed to such a thing).

Meanwhile, they were working on the opposite assumption that not talking about it meant we were committed. So they “find out” about each other, and my stuff gets thrown off of a balcony. And I thought; well I’m not moving, but everyone in this scene is mad at me right now. So… maybe it’s time to date outside until things cool down and I can tell my side of the story.

I am not, by nature, given to monogamy (which eventually everyone agree is okay as long as the people I’m dating don’t ask for monogamy and I sneak around.) In time, my side was heard and everyone came around and decided the guys were assholes for how they planned out the whole throwing my shit into a parking lot thing.

However like I said, at first it was tense and I didn’t want to turn up at a fetish prom for awhile. That’s when I met a nice vanilla boy who took me shooting in the desert with his Mouser and his SKS, and told me that I was pretty. And I thought; eh, what the fuck? I’ll give it a try.

To this day, it was my only monogamous relationship, and my only vanilla relationship as well.

So what of it?

Well, often I see people asking; can kinky people be happy with vanilla people? And that is up to each person to decide for themselves. Me personally, it lasted for 2 years. We dated longer than that, but I only managed to be happy for two years. The rest of the time I just hated him.

It’s not like I didn’t try to open his mind a little. I took him to fetish proms and hung a whip by the bedside. But he was willfully ignorant of anything BDSM related, and when I tried to bring it up he always seemed to be busy or uninterested.

Now of course, there are always different variables at play. Every situations is unique and I can’t tell you what will happen to you. But for those that have asked if I ever had a vanilla relationship; yes I did. And no, it did not work out. I ended up being very unfair to him and picking fights over nothing because I was unsatisfied in bed. And he was good too. The sex was great and he always got me off before we got to the penetration part of the sex. If I were a vanilla girl, it would have been the best sex of my life. But I am me, so I got really bored.

It’s just my experience. And it’s in response to a faithful reader who asked. I’m not trying to tell you how it is, and your relationship may be different.

For me though; yes I tried it. I went vanilla. And no, I will not go back.

Rules and Etiquette

Just some whips lined up for a party

Just some whips lined up for a party

I am sorry for this. I try to be upbeat, and this post is a little negative. Please forgive me.

Living abroad, I have met a lot of people from various kink communities all over the world. One common theme drives me mad:

Everyone has a different idea of what “the rules” are, and many of them think their way is the only way. I don’t know why- but folks always get really preachy about kink and it’s a little hard for me to take sometimes.

A good example of this is the whole “kink terms” concept.

In all small communities, you can find terms used by the folks in them to describe things. These terms tend to evolve within the small community. I hate when someone from Wisconsin (just as an example) tells someone from Paris that they don’t know shit because they’ve never heard the term “Plug Vibration.”

Look people; if your community used certain words to describe things- that’s cool. If those terms got picked up and used by lots of people- good for you. If you spread your ideas through the internet and lots of people now share them- that’s great.

However, that doesn’t give you the right to act like an elitist when someone else doesn’t know what you’re talking about.

I am a pretty quiet person when it comes to my kink. I don’t talk a lot about what I do, or how I do it. I follow the philosophy that everyone I meet can teach me something I don’t know, and so I prefer to listen.

When I do talk about my kink experiences, I try not to sound like an elitist. I mean hey- the dungeons I have been in were illegal for the most part. The fetish proms I’ve been to were full of more extreme elements than you usually see in kink anywhere. I am not going to talk like I know more than anyone else. I may know different things than they know- but that doesn’t make me better.

I give advice on this blog. To be fair though- I started this blog because I was asked to by some people who know me, and I was just trying to be helpful. I’ve only kept writing because it gets a lot of hits, so I like to delude myself into thinking maybe I am helping people a little sometimes. However, giving some advice doesn’t mean I think I am better than you. You can choose to take it or leave it. You can always do things your way instead of mine, because my way might not work for everyone.

I guess all I am trying to say is that I have a lot of trouble wrapping my head around the way folks in the community act sometimes. I mean, I’m flexible about how I do my scene negotiation, how I play scenes, and how I talk about it all. I don’t tend to use language that might make others feel excluded, and I don’t tend to ever lecture anyone on protocol. Do your thing, people. Whatever it is- I’m not going to judge.

I hate to get down on my community. I feel bad about writing this post. But at the same time- I wanted to call attention to this behaviour because I find it to be a real turn-off when trying to interact with fellow kinksters.

Also, I came from a scene with a lot of blood play and hook suspension. It was very extreme. Therefore I consider myself very conservative about kink, since I don’t often hang from meat hooks or drink blood.

But of course, kink is a lot like political affiliation. I mean, I’m from a red state where everyone is very conservative and they all carry guns. In my home state, I am branded as a radical liberal for my ideas. And compared to the folks around me, I am a radical liberal.

However, when I go up to the pacific northwest and meet the liberals there, I think they’re all way too touchy-feely and I find myself only about to hang with the conservatives.

So a radical liberal in my home state is a conservative in the northwest.

Same with kink.

I might have always thought of myself as very conservative about kink, but now I am finding people who are horrified by some of my ideas, and who think I am radical.

My point here is that it’s really all a matter of perspective. You might look at things one way. I might look at them another. That’s life. But I’m not going to judge you, nor will I treat you badly because we have different ideas. And, I feel like I deserve the same.

Tolerance should really come more easily to this community- so let’s keep that in mind.