Infected Mushroom at The Monarch Theater

The Flier

The Flier

This past weekend I went to the event above at The Monarch Theater  The concert was great, and Infected Mushroom kicked ass.However, at the after party I noticed some things that really made me crazy and I want to go ahead and point out some big mistakes when playing at a dungeon party.

First: Never touch anyone without their consent. I don’t care if they are currently being fucked (as one girl was). That does not make them a slut, nor does it make them easy. They are not yours to touch. CONSENT is important.

Second: Someone that shouldn’t have even been at the party grabbed my riding crop and hit a girl he didn’t know. So unless you have permission, hands off other people’s toys! No, you can not “barrow it for a second” you enormous douche bag.

Third: Read the rules. To be fair, Devious Minds productions only had the rules for the club in ONE secluded corner and no one really gave a lecture before the play party started about behavior. Personally I think you don’t belong at a dungeon party unless you’ve looked into the rules for that sort of thing beforehand, but I also think Devious Minds could have done a MUCH BETTER job of making the rules available.

I understand that a party like this will always attract one or two assholes, but when someone is able to take their camera out and take a video in a closed play party without consent of the people involved, the security is not doing their job and the people involved are not doing their job. I had to call out several people on my own because no one who put the party together or who worked there was doing anything to stop all the bad behavior.

It was my first Devious Minds event. I am not in Arizona long, so I probably won’t end up at another Devious Minds event. I can’t judge a promotions company off of one event because that wouldn’t be fair. But, I think the after-hours play party could have done with a lot more supervision…

The Crowd Watching Infected Mushroom

The Crowd Watching Infected Mushroom

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