Directions to Seoul’s Best Secret; “Club Desire”

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I haven’t been writing much about my weekly adventures, because I spent my summer traveling and I’m still getting settled in my new home. I have been SO BUSY!

However, my summer was really wild and I’ll give you one detail for now. The best part of it was getting to visit Club Desire in Seoul, South Korea one more time with my favorite pet. I realize I’ve never given very detailed information before (since I was always writing about the sex). So, now to tell you how to get there yourself:

Club Desire is located in Gangnam, which is a fancy neighborhood that is sort of like the Beverly Hills of Seoul. I’m sure you’ve heard of Gangnam because Psy made it famous with a song he wrote to make fun of the style-over-substance culture there. (If you think you’re sick of that song and you’re living in the USA, I promise you, you have no idea how much worse it was living in Korea when it came out.)

Anyway, to get to Club Desire, first, you have to make a reservation before you go. If you don’t get someone who speaks English the first time, try again later or have a Korean-speaking friend call for you.  The number is 010-2473-8433. You can visit their website if you speak Korean, but if you are a foreigner I’m afraid it’s not much help.

A business card from the club

A business card from the club

To get there, you take the line 7 subway to the Gangnam-Gu office stop. Go out exit 3. Walk straight out of the subway, and turn right at the first road. You will walk a bit up a hill, then go left at the first road. Then you’ll be walking downhill. On the right side of the road, look for a small sign that says “Bar S Live.” It looks a little like the entrance to an apartment building, and the area is a tiny bit sketchy. Up a few stairs, you’ll see a pad with a button to push; like an old-school apartment buzzer.

Push the button and say the name that you gave when you made your reservation. They will buzz you in. Then you’ll walk down into a basement. Go down to the bar, and pay to get a drink set. The prices are listed by 10,000, as per Koreans way of writing prices. This means that if you order a Jack Daniels set for “16,” you will pay 160,000 Korean Won.

After you pay for your drink set, you will be given a key and asked to put everything in a locker. You can keep condoms, lube, sex toys, and cigarettes with you. You can also keep some money or your whole wallet if you really think it’s necessary. I find it’s best to stuff as much of your clothes and belongings in the locker as you can, so none of it gets in your way while you’re having sex. Things get knocked over, glass gets broken, and it’s best to keep personal belongs out of harm’s way.

Of course, the main reason they want everything in a locker is to keep you from having any cameras or recording devices while you are there. Famous people visit this club, as do well-respected pillars of the community. No one wants their face to end up on a sex tape. If you’re really worried you can wear one of the masks hanging by the entrance to make it harder to recognize your face. But in my experience, Koreans are very respectful of rules, and of privacy.

Things to remember: It’s encouraged that you ask the bartender to talk to a couple before trying to swing with them. And it is all couples, so bring a partner. Sometimes they have wrist bands of different colors to indicate different preferences. If you’re unsure of any of the rules, ask the bar tender. If you do switch, what out! Many of the Koreans there have not seemed to think condoms were important. I would urge you all to remember that they really, really are. And of course, try to be polite because if you are a foreign person there, you are representing all of us, so don’t be an asshole!

Pet and I had a great time. We encounter three girls who squirted, were poured champagne by strangers, and all sorts of other cool stuff. I may write about it when I have a moment to really immerse myself in the memory. For now, I thought I’d make this an educational post for those who hope to visit a Korean sex club.


27 thoughts on “Directions to Seoul’s Best Secret; “Club Desire”

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  2. Hi everyone, i was reading this post and I was wondering if it was possible for a Single male to actually attend club desire? Or is it only couples? Also if it is possible to come alone, how do you do to get in, I heard you need to call them but they don t speak English and I just moved to Korea. I am actually a French Korean and relearning Korean but definitely not fluent.
    A little response would be great and helpful. Also it would be my first time to try smth like that.

    • No I’m sorry, it’s only couples or single women. You can try finding someone to go with you?

      And no, they mostly don’t speak English. But sometimes if you call you’ll get someone who kind of does.

      Sounds like you could really use a Korean girlfriend! 🙂

  3. Is there minimum cost you have to spend when you go to get in? My boyfriend and I don’t really drink so we don’t want to buy an expensive bottle of alcohol but would be ok with a couple cocktails.

    • The minimum cost is the smallest bottle set.

      Look; it’s not a place to “drop in and check out.” If you’re not serious about having sex in a club, then don’t go to a sex club. And as with Club Sesso in Portland, remember that sex clubs aren’t cheap (and if they were, you probably wouldn’t want to be in them.)

      • Are they any restrictions when in comes to race issue. Actually, i am a black guy and i wanna visit there someday with my girlfriend.

      • I am not able to make promises in this area. I am a white girl, and I have brought three people there with me on different occasions, all of which happened to be white males.

        However, I can promise that they like novelty. On my first visit and on several later visits, I was placed in a prominent area under light, to ensure that the Korean customers could see that I was there. I was surprised, because I am on the heavier side, but it seems a chubby white girl is worth showing off.

        I want to say you would have a similar experience (after all; Korean penis size applications say that black men have HUGE penises!)

        However, Koreans can be surprisingly racist at times because they have so little exposure to other races. So, I would mention on the phone that you are black. Maybe have a Korean call for you and make sure that it is okay. Because it would be very embarrassing to go and be turned away.

  4. Thanks for the very useful, encouraging and exaustive description.
    Just one further question:
    as far as u know is the club in any possible way banned for single men ( by the way I’m planning to visit it alone and certainly not together with 15 other mates… )?

    Thanks ciao D.

  5. Do you have any advice for a geographical bachlor? I’m on an unaccompanied tour in seoul and have found it hard to locate people in the lifestyle. Back stateside we are on a couple different sites. But here is havent had much luck.

    • Yes. You want to hop on, and then you want to attend some munches in your area. There is a big kink scene in South Korea and they are really friendly.

      Note: Be conscious of the fact that military are generally rude, so it sounds like your haircut might make some people suspicious. Just be polite and friendly and everything should be fine.

  6. “cigarette”?!? You can bring your cigarettes with you?
    You can actually smoking there?!? O.o

    Sorry just… no.

  7. Hi… My wife and are are members of a club in the US and would like to visit club Desire. You have my curiosity with the locker. This may sound odd but people put all their clothes in the locker and are basically naked? I’m cool with it but I just want to be sure I understand. I dont want to take all my clothes off, walk in and realize everyone is fully dressed… LOL

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