My friend shared a story about genders which got me thinking.

At the few Portland kink events I have been to there have been a lot of gender neutral people there. The first job I took here I worked with a person whose chosen name was Robin and who was trying to transition into a female.

In some places, this is acceptable behavior. Portland, New York, and a few of the more liberal places on Earth allow people to be more flexible about gender.

That’s good, in my opinion, as two genders isn’t enough to describe everyone.

I am a guy. I mean, my body is female and all. But in my head I am and always have been a guy. There are actually structural differences between male and female brains. I am not being sexist. The genders really are different. And nothing about the inside of my head is female.

However, I would never choose to transition.

At first I thought I might feel that way because I grew up in conservative places like Arizona where it wasn’t socially acceptable. But over time I have realized that even in liberal places where it would be socially okay to transition; I wouldn’t make that choice.

This is nothing against people who do make the choice. I’m not saying they are wrong, and I’m not saying they aren’t brave.

All I am saying is; I’m not one of them any more than I am a normal girl. I am something else. And there aren’t words in English to describe it.

The Navajo have four different genders and maybe growing up near their reservation influenced me. But I think I agree with the article my friend shared. There are more than two genders. It’s nice that the kink community embraces this.

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