The Center For Sex Positive Culture



I recently went to the CSPC, (the Center for Sex Positive Culture.) I had been meaning to check it out for awhile, but of course, I never had the chance.

When I moved to Portland I vowed I would make the drive to Seattle to see what the CSPC was all about, and at long last, I finally did.

jon 1 079

It is everything I was told it would be. The library of both kinky books and kinky pornography was very impressive. I was pleased to see the vast array of kink resources and the helpful librarian who was more than happy to answer questions.

jon 1 085
She let me photograph this sign, which was awesome of her. But of course, she was very clear that I wasn’t allowed to take pictures in the dungeon space that would be posted on the internet. Sex clubs are always against cameras, (or so it seems from my travels and the places I have been) but it seemed excessive since I toured the club while it was closed and there was no people around.

I guess you’ll just have to be satisfied with pictures I found online when I Googled the club.

In addition to the library, there are two event spaces. Both include a kitchen, bathrooms, and play spaces to do scenes or have sex. It was pretty standard as far as dungeons go, and I didn’t see anything I hadn’t seen before.

The major difference is that the CSPC is not a secret club. They are registered with the city of Seattle as a kinky sex club/dungeon. And as far as I  know, they are the only such place on Earth that is open to the public. You do not have to invite yourself to this dungeon. You can just go there.

jon 1 078
So if you’re ever in Seattle, check it out. It’s progressive. It’s nifty. It’s not something you see every day.

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