Easy Erotic Engineering



A few years back I met a guy in Seoul who was there as a visiting scientist helping the Korean government with a project. We dated while he was in Korea, and it was lot of fun. He had a PHD and was a really interesting person to drink with.

When he left Korea, he decided to quit his job at the University where he worked, and instead help people have better and more creative orgasms.

His first project, the X-1, was a new approach to vibrator technology. Later, the Ambrosia Vibe created a new way for women who like women or who peg men to experience sex.

His latest project, however, is the coolest one yet. It’s called the Master Beta Kit. It’s a vibrator kit with a arduino, and simple instructions on how to program the vibrator to do different things. This is erotic engineering for all the geeks who dabble in kink and programming! (Like my husband, for one.)

I am really excited to see how this project goes, and what Doctor Xtreme comes up with in the future. Never a dull moment with a PHD-turned-sex-toy-maker!