Some Equipment Required

There are a few things I don’t write about much because I don’t do them. I am what you would call a minimalist kinkster. I will enjoy BDSM furniture in a dungeon, but I don’t keep a special room for it in my house. I will play with more labor-intensive toys at a tasting or play party, but I don’t keep things like that at home. It’s not out of prejudice or anything like it- just being lazy and trying to keep things simple.

However, here is a post about the complicated kinky stuff.

Above you can see an example of cupping, which was originally a type of medical practice in the East. Many kinky folk enjoy this, but it does require buying and storing equipment, so many of us shy from it for that reason.

Speaking of equipment, Violet Wands and Tens Units are also medical devices that have become popular in kink. I am not fond of electricity, but my husband adores the feeling of being shocked, and many people do. There are lots of kinksters who have one of these in their closet.


Another popular kink is Wax Play. You don’t need to have a warmer (pictured above,) but they certainly help. Of course, lost of people just buy Paraffin Wax candles, light them, and drip them on their partner. Wax play can be used to create beautiful designs, and although it is a bit messy, it can be very pretty.


Many kinks can create lovely designs, but none is as beautiful as rope play like JapaneseĀ Shibari. I have said before that I tend to use cuffs or gear ties to bind people because these options are quick and easy. However, if you have the patience, rope bondage is an art form.

If you are interested, I recommend some of the how-to videos that Twisted Monk has to offer. It’s a wonderful skill to learn and it goes over very well at play parties.

And remember, everyone has different kinks. Try not to judge others when they have different interests than you.


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