Guest Post by J.D. DeLemont


Hi, my name is J.D. DeLemont, and I want to ask for your help. With the Magically Delicious Super Slut’s permission, I am writing this post to beg you all to help promote my book Love & the Desert.

This book portrays kinky characters as normal human beings who are freaky in bed, and attempts to highlight important issues in the community (like consent!) It’s more exciting than all that though. It’s really just a fun story about a girl who just happens to be a kinkster. The first book is only a little kinky, and as the series progresses the characters go deeper and deeper down the rabbit hole (to show a normal progression of a person from private desire to integration into the community.)

Why should you help me promote the book?

Good question! I’m glad you asked. You should do this because it is the first book in a series that will be released over the course of 2016 which explores various aspects of kink in a healthy light. We as a community need more books that explore kink as something average people do.

How can you help?

Good question! In these modern times, most authors have to pay for a PR campaign from a professional firm to launch their career. So instead of doing that (because I can’t afford to), I am going to depend on my fellow kinky folks to help me. Here are four simple things you can do:


Write a review on! No, you don’t have to read the book to do this. The computer program assigned to determine a book’s popularity does so based on a number of arbitrary things, like how many reviews a book gets- but it can’t read! You could literally write anything and be helpful.

Example Review: “OMG swan attacks!”

(Yes, there really is a swan attack in the book.)

This will help the book to appear higher in search results, and that allows new people to discover it and potentially even buy it and read it. So go to, search for “Love & the Desert” by J.D. DeLemont, and then click “write a review!”


Tell your friends! Word of mouth is really important and it does make a difference. Do you have a friend who likes romance novels? Great! Tell them about the book. Do you have a friend who enjoys geeky things like Star Trek and S.C.A.? Great! The book is full of that, so you should tell them about it. Maybe you know someone from Phoenix, Arizona? Well great! The book is set there, and they will surely be amused to read about actual places they have been and can go to again like the Scottsdale Civic Center and the Nile Theater.

Word of mouth makes a difference and if you tell people and they tell people, it will mean a whole lot more than a $20,000 PR campaign ever could!


Ask about it at your local bookstore! Everyone has a cute local bookstore like The Poison Pen or Changing Hands. Those wonderful examples of independent bookstores that hold on in our communities and continue to be awesome places to meet authors and attend book signings. But, they won’t stock a book unless there is a demand for it. Most of them have a request list, comment card, or suggestion box. So go in, and ask if they carry “Love & the Desert” by J.D. DeLemont. When they say no, simply recommend that they carry it!


Buy the book. I know this is a drastic step and the only thing on this list that costs money. But if you buy the book, you will be doing wonderful things like helping to support an artist, and cancel out the negative karma that 50 Shades brought into our little world! It’s not an expensive book. It’s not like it’s a hardcover or something. Think of it! For under $20 you can fund a penniless writer. It’s really a donation to help fight world hunger, because I am hungry. And more than that, it’s a donation to help me write more in the future. Creating culture takes time and caffeine, and you can help me have these things!

Of course you will have my eternal gratitude if you do any of these things. You can write to me at and tell me of your valiant efforts, and I will in turn send you good karma straight through the Internet! Or you can visit my site and comment on how crappy my book is and what you want to see in the next one instead, and I will listen to whatever you have to say!

Thanks for reading!

4 thoughts on “Guest Post by J.D. DeLemont

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  3. I love the way the writing is clear and the book is easy to read, easy to identify with the characters. It’s a very good insight about how an intelligent person thinks and makes decisions in the face of adversity, too.

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