Woman are always expected to look perfect. I sometimes take out the trash without makeup on, and I am no longer surprised by the scornful looks. I got used to them in South Korea, where women never leave the house without full makeup and perfect clothes.

This expected perfection extends to every single part of us. I often see comparisons of a woman’s vagina to “a nasty ham sandwich.” They complain about the look, the smell, and anything else that isn’t perfect.


There are lots of adds which try to force women into feeling insecure, and if it was just adds, I would have no complaint. But then you go to a site like, and you see guys going on and on about how perfect they expect women to look, and how their pussies should smell like sunshine and roses or else they are disgusting.

This is often paired with complaints about how women take a long time to get ready, and I hope you can all see the irony there.

After all, when women are expected to smell like roses and look perfect and shave every part of their bodies, one could expect that such things might take time.

But, what about men?



Well, most men don’t shave their legs, or any part of their bodies besides maybe their faces (sometimes.)

In addition, they often want to stick their fingers inside a woman because they think this is brilliant foreplay, but they don’t often groom their nails well.


But woman are not allowed to complain about it.

Men are not subject to criticism about their grooming habits, and they always want their hairy, sweaty balls in someone’s mouth in spite of a lack of shaving or grooming.

So here’s the thing:

I would like to ask that all of us in the kink community please try to be more mature than the average vanilla folks. Let’s be fair to women and stop trying to force them to be perfect. And men, let’s ignore the accusations that it is “feminine” to be clean, and start cutting those fingernails and shaving.

Also, no matter what culture tries to force on you, every fat old man doesn’t deserve an attractive skinny girl. Forget family guy and The Simpsons. In real life, young pretty girls definitely deserve pretty young boys. And fat old men deserve fat old women.

Let’s try to have a little more gender quality.


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