Do you have any of those memories that you always get a little worked up thinking about? You know the ones, where it was just so hot that you still fantasize about it?

Me too. And they are not always about really kinky things like whips and chains and violet wands. Sometimes, they are just about a moment that stood apart from the overall experience as particularly awesome.

Once such memory is from when I was dating a guy in the air force who had a really big dick. I mean, it was enormous. He always said that he hated blowjobs because they were all teeth and not enjoyable. And of course, no one could suck on more than the tip anyhow.

So I tried a bunch of different positions over the course of our relationship, and one night I found the one that worked. I was on my back on my living room table, with my head hung over the side. Just like in this picture, actually:


Not that I am as hot as the porn star, but during really good sexy times I definitely feel like that. And I know it was good because he has brought it up since then.

Thinking of it now reminds me of another time when I brought home two guys from an element a440 concert. I know most girls only dream about that kind of thing, but I am a Magically Delicious Super Slut, so I actually did it.

At first it was kind of awkward because they didn’t want to be naked in front of each other. So, I just took my clothes off, got on the bed, and started touching myself. They were able to get into it after that…


To be fair, scientists theorize that women are hardwired to want to mate with as many partners as possible, to ensure a competition with the best man winning. The joke goes: some women confess to gangang bang fantasies, and the rest are lying.

For centuries men have tried to foist modesty on women, but when the science comes in, we tend to be the freakier sex with more wild fantasies.

In a recent study it was discovered that women search for more brutal and abusive porn than men do. The scientists were absolutely shocked and scandalized (since they were all men) but women kind of blushed and didn’t comment. We know what we are.

I guess the point I am making here is that I love getting lost in fantasies of past conquests. And, I want to do all these things again!  I would love to do a gangbang some day, as well. I have already done an orgy and that was a fun experience, as well as swingers clubs and sex parties (also good.)

If anyone wants to share a sexy moment that they still think about often, or a fantasy that they have, post it in the comments. It would be interesting (and probably helpful) to know more about what my readers are into.


2 thoughts on “Fantasies

  1. I haven’t had many opportunities to make memories, but I certainly have lots of fantasies. My number one fantasy, as a foot fetishist, is to have a foot orgy Lots of different types of women, varying body sizes, lots of nudity and masturbation, and a hundred lovely toes to play with.
    I would also some day love to do y Cult of the Chained Goddess. I want to strip her naked, blindfold her, and chain her down on a bed so she cannot move or resist. But I want her to be totally in control of what happens after that. She can tell me what to do, what to say, and how to worship her. We get to both be simultaneously completely in control and completely subservient (her by dictating what happens, me because she would be helpless). Plus, I very much prefer chains to rope. Not to say anything bad about the riggers out there, but rope just seems kind of boring to me. Chains add a wonderful level of aural response, plus the cold chains against the hot skin provides a great amount of sensation. I wish I saw more of it represented.
    And lastly, I would love to be a part of a pagan orgy. Magick and sex and pleasure and bliss. Out in the woods, around a fire, a chill in the air. Dancing barefoot. Getting dirty. And for some reason I just really love the idea of us all burning our clothes first.

    Anyway, pretty sure I will die before fulfilling any of these, but they are still fun to think about once or twice a day, hehe 🙂

  2. For the last one: you should go to the Summer Spank. It happens every year outside of Portland. I feel like a Pagan orgy is exactly the kind of thing that would happen there. (It’s a week long kink festival in the woods.)

    Half of the work turning fantasies into reality is putting yourself in sexy situations. The other half is talking yourself up. You can DO it!

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