A Funeral For 2017

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My husband and I have a tradition we call Haunt the Holidays. Halloween is our favorite holiday, so we add a little bit of creepiness to all of our holidays. I am perfectly happy to celebrate 2018, but right now I am having a funeral for 2017.

I don’t do depressing funerals though, so we’re having an Irish Wake for the year. We’ll talk about the good things and the bad things and tell funny stories. And of course, we’ll drink.

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Anyway, 2017 was pretty good for me. I hope it was for all of you.

To those who celebrate the Western Calendar, Happy New Year tomorrow! And for those who celebrate the Eastern Calendar, Happy New Year in a few months!


And now I am off to Sydney, Australia to see some friends.

Hopefully I will be able to go to a munch or connect with some kinky people while I am in Sydney. That way I will have some fun things to write about when I get back.

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