Who is the magically delicious super slut?

From a Sex Park in South Korea

I am just a girl in my 30’s. Over the years, I have worked at dungeons as a DM or a Dominatrix (teaching and instructing). I have thrown Fetish proms in 2 countries and traveled to fetish events in many more. I have done workshops and play parties and thrown tons of munches as well. My next big trip will hopefully be to Kinkfest in Germany….

Since I have been asked often:

Yes, I do workshops. I prefer less than 20 people when conducting  a workshop because it’s hard to let everyone speak if there are more than that.

I also do speaking engagements on pretty much any topic related to BDSM.

Right now I am living in Guam, USA. I expect to be here until about August 2017. I am able to travel for a workshop, but only if the cost of travel is covered.

Contact me at: LadyVioletEmail@gmail.com

I’m trying to do this anonymously, so please don’t go digging around trying to figure out who I am. I’m going to stick to code names for people and try to keep references to anything too distinctive to a minimum. Let’s try to just leave it at the fact that I am a Magically Delicious Super Slut.

5 thoughts on “Who is the magically delicious super slut?

  1. Hello Lady,

    My name is Nusret, from Turkey.
    I’m bussines trip, before Sahnghai and after Seoul. İn four days Seuola. Age 45.
    I know swinger club. Last years I go to Germany (city Hannover and Munchen), Belgium swinger club.
    I’m little speak English, sorry…)
    To night open?

    Thank you…

    Nusret Koca

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