Do you have any of those memories that you always get a little worked up thinking about? You know the ones, where it was just so hot that you still fantasize about it?

Me too. And they are not always about really kinky things like whips and chains and violet wands. Sometimes, they are just about a moment that stood apart from the overall experience as particularly awesome.

Once such memory is from when I was dating a guy in the air force who had a really big dick. I mean, it was enormous. He always said that he hated blowjobs because they were all teeth and not enjoyable. And of course, no one could suck on more than the tip anyhow.

So I tried a bunch of different positions over the course of our relationship, and one night I found the one that worked. I was on my back on my living room table, with my head hung over the side. Just like in this picture, actually:


Not that I am as hot as the porn star, but during really good sexy times I definitely feel like that. And I know it was good because he has brought it up since then.

Thinking of it now reminds me of another time when I brought home two guys from an element a440 concert. I know most girls only dream about that kind of thing, but I am a Magically Delicious Super Slut, so I actually did it.

At first it was kind of awkward because they didn’t want to be naked in front of each other. So, I just took my clothes off, got on the bed, and started touching myself. They were able to get into it after that…


To be fair, scientists theorize that women are hardwired to want to mate with as many partners as possible, to ensure a competition with the best man winning. The joke goes: some women confess to gangang bang fantasies, and the rest are lying.

For centuries men have tried to foist modesty on women, but when the science comes in, we tend to be the freakier sex with more wild fantasies.

In a recent study it was discovered that women search for more brutal and abusive porn than men do. The scientists were absolutely shocked and scandalized (since they were all men) but women kind of blushed and didn’t comment. We know what we are.

I guess the point I am making here is that I love getting lost in fantasies of past conquests. And, I want to do all these things again!  I would love to do a gangbang some day, as well. I have already done an orgy and that was a fun experience, as well as swingers clubs and sex parties (also good.)

If anyone wants to share a sexy moment that they still think about often, or a fantasy that they have, post it in the comments. It would be interesting (and probably helpful) to know more about what my readers are into.


A Night With Two Boys


Note: This is a fantasy scenario I’m writing in hopes of giving my husband ideas for his upcoming visit to Portland. I thought I’d share because I often get asked about threesomes. If you’re more into MFF threesome, I have written about those too. 

I have had several MMF (male, male female) threesomes. But most of them have been with boys who liked both girls and boys, so mostly I have never been the center of attention.

Not tonight. Tonight is all about me.

They are nervous, so they have a few drinks. They don’t know each other, though I know both of them very well. My beautiful pet and my longtime Portland boyfriend, whom we’ll call Ryuu (because yahoo answers suggested it as a good name for a half Japanese boy).

They have awkward casual conversation for awhile, and then at my suggestion we move to the bedroom.

I immediately strip, because I think they will be more comfortable if I am naked. Because they are unsure what to do, I start touching myself, and wiggling to the music.

Eventually they are daring enough to join me, running their hands along my body, while carefully trying not to let their hands touch each other (Ryuu is only 22 but one of the rare Millennials who is very straight). Inside, I am laughing a little at this. But I try not to let them see how amused I am by their nervousness.


Finally, they are both interested enough to take off key articles of clothing. I smile, and get down on the floor. I invite Ryuu to come forward, opening my mouth and giving him a pointed look. He gets down onto his knees in front of me and I start to suck him.

Pet needs no invitation. Seeing this, he grabs my hips and plunges his cock into my pussy. I wince, because it has been awhile and he is shockingly large. Inwardly I am smiling, enjoying every moment of having two men inside of me at once.

There is something so exciting about experiencing a variety of sensations at once.

When I grow tired of this I decide to mix it up. I sit up and have pet move beneath me. I whisper to Ryuu “I want you in my ass.”

I move my hips and let Pet slip into my pussy, while I feel a second cock pushing up, into my ass. It is a difficult angle for the boys, as they are both having to move while I hold still. I can tell they are having a hard time making it work, but I don’t care. I am loving this feeling. I feel so full, and so used. It’s fantastic.

When Pet finally gets frustrated, he pulls out of me and gets on his knees in front of me. While still being fucked in the ass, I lick my wet pussy juices off of Pet’s cock and start to suck him. He grabs his cock and starts moving his hand along the shaft, while still letting me suck the tip. And when he cums, he cums all over my lips and my chin. I lick it up and then put my face to the ground, letting Ryuu fuck me hard, until he cums in my ass.

I feel them both relax, and so I move off to the side, where I pull out my dildo and start fucking myself, while rubbing my clit. I moan as I get closer and closer, and then in one brilliant moment I cum.

I look up to see them watching. Pet is already ready again because he is young, and he loves to fuck. I meet his gaze and motion to the bathroom. The shower is big enough for several people, and we should get clean.


We walk into the shower, Ryuu following. I rub soap all over my body and slowly rinse it off as they watch. Then I wrap myself in a towel and go lay down in the bed. They follow after they rinse off, and they start to play with me some more. Ryuu pinches my nipples, because he knows that I like that. And Pet moves to lick my pussy; showing off a bit because he wants to show how interested he is in me having orgasms.

After they play awhile, they put me on my knees with my face pressed into a pillow, and they take turns fucking me. I love the feel of one cock going in, fucking me, and pulling out; only to feel another take it’s place. It feels like being passed around at a party and I love it. If I wasn’t so worried about STDs, I would totally do gang bangs. It is some of my favorite porn. I love the idea of being the center of attention for many men at once.

Eventually they both cum, one after the other. I can feel the wet, stickiness running out of me and down my legs. It feels so dirty, and so good.

We lay there for a moment, spent. Ryuu passes us a towel to wipe off with. My hair is matted against my neck, and I smile to myself.

After a bit, we all put our clothes back on. That slightly ashamed feeling returns to the room. None of us are sure what to say. So I go out for a smoke and they follow me. I talk about something completely unrelated to what just happened, and I smile a lot.

Pet and I collect our things and head back to our hotel room. I know he feels a little weird about what just happened. It is a strange way to meet my lover, who has been one of my companions while we were apart this last year. But I also know he is happy, because he has finally given me something I wanted. We have had a lot of threesomes, but he knew I wanted just once to be the center of attention. Today he gave me that. He cuddles against me in our hotel bed, and he is happy because his Mistress is happy.

Awkward perhaps, but a good night for us all.



Used As a Toy


Not too terribly long ago, I went to visit my favorite pet. I’ve written several scenes involving him on this blog, and I hope you won’t mind one more.

I was too lazy to use rope on him. I simply had him strip, and then put leather cuffs on his ankles and wrists. I linked them together with clips.

(*Which you can buy along with almost anything at I don’t have any affiliation with them, but I do dig their selection and they are very discrete. )


After he was tied up I blindfolded him and spent some time teasing him. I played with his penis, fingered his ass a little, and nibbled on his ears. I felt myself starting to get all dripping wet, the way I do when I tie him up and tease him. So, I rubbed my wet pussy against his leg and whispered “I can’t believe how horny it makes me to tease you like this…” He trembled as he felt the lips of my pussy brush all along his legs. And I said “What should I do next, my pretty pet?”

He answered “Whatever you want.”

I thought about un-cuffing his wrists from his ankles so I could stretch him out and ride him for awhile. But then I thought, “He did say whatever I want, so maybe I’ll just ignore him and spend some time on myself…”

I rolled over on my back and started to rub my wet fingers on my clit. I could feel it swell and become harder as it filled with blood. I moaned.

Poor pet, blindfolded and stuck on his back with his ankles and wrists locked to each other, was completely unable to make a move to join me. He struggled against the cuffs, but they were too strong. He pleaded with me, “Oh mistress, let me help!” but I ignored him.

I reached for my dildo and stuck it in my ass, pinning it against the mattress under me. I started to move against it, but not thrust the way a guy would. Just a gentle grinding that hit all the nice spots inside of me. I kept moaning while listening to pets’ pleas.

It was then that I decided I needed another dildo.

Since I did not have one, I decided to use my pet. I un-clipped his ankles from his feet, while keeping his ankles clipped to one another and his wrists clipped to one another. This gave him just enough freedom of movement to follow my instructions as I told him: “Get on top of me and slide inside of me, but do not thrust. Hold completely still.”

I then began to grind softly against both his cock and the dildo, moving just enough to massage my clit on the inside while I rubbed the outside.

Pet tried to start thrusting but I grabbed the riding crop by the bed and hit his ass with so much force that the whole room echoed and I screamed “Bad pet! You are just my little fuck toy, do you understand? I am not here for you to get off. You are here for ME to get off, and for that to happen I need you to hold still.”


He held still then, but made sad little whimpering noises while I continued to grind softly against him and the dildo, until I finally came up to the edge of orgasm, and spilled wonderfully over into twitchy happiness.

Once I recovered, I whispered softly in Pet’s ear: “Good pet. You’ve done well. And as your reward, you may fuck me now, as hard as you want.”

After such an intense orgasm, his thrusting inside me felt amazing. I let him ride me as hard and fast as he could until he finally asked me “Mistress, may I cum now?”

“Yes pet, I said softly. Yes, you may cum now.”

He shuddered and fell on top of me. I unhooked the clips that bound his wrists and ankles, but left the cuffs on.

He would remember, as long as we laid in that bed, that I owned him and he was my toy.


An Island Adventure

Coconut trees above the charming little bar on the beach in Koh Samui.

Coconut trees above the charming little bar on the beach in Koh Samui.

I met this girl in Korea who was nervous about sleeping with a girl because she was from a Muslim country and had been taught that such things were wrong. I was all kinds of into her, but she was not ready to play with me.

However, she agreed to meet me in Thailand on an island called Koh Samui. I flew there from Bangkok, and we met up. She’s a fun, adventurous, amazing girl and I was super-excited to have a weekend at the beach with her.

We did the things you do on an island, like swim hand-in-hand in the ocean and lay around on the beach. We went to a dance club too, which is not the sort of place I belong, but I had a good time.

And then we went back to my awesome spider-themed hotel room…

The Loft at Koh Samui has cool spiders everywhere!

The Loft at Koh Samui has cool spiders everywhere!

Somewhat drunk, we stumbled into the hotel room late at night. She crawled into bed with me and I wasn’t sure what was going to happen, until she kissed me. Her lips were full and soft, and I was immediately turned on. She pressed against me and wrapped her legs around mine, squeezing with her thighs. She started to grind against me, and as I kissed her and moved against her, she whispered “I want you to bite me as hard as you can.”

I bit her neck and her breasts, and she shivered against me in the most amazing way. She started to make these adorable gasping noises as I bit lower and lower. Then I began to lick her. As I did so, I slipped my fingers inside her and rubbed her g-spot. I saw her press a pillow over her face then, as though she didn’t want to wake the neighbors.

Suddenly, her whole body convulsed and as she came  and she wrapped herself around me in this amazing way. She whispered sweet things to me in her accented English. She said “You fuck me so good I had to bite the pillow!” Then she thought for awhile and said “I’m glad I decide to fuck my first girl, and I’m glad it was you.” I giggled and held her while she fell asleep.

It wasn’t all that kinky (though she had some very big bruises from the biting in the morning.) But it’s always fun to be a girl’s first girl. They’re so impressed with the feel of a soft face pressing against their own soft face, and breasts pressing against breasts… so many new and wonderful things!

I left Thailand the next day, but it was the prefect end to a very nice trip in a very beautiful country.

The harbor on Koh Samui.

The harbor on Koh Samui.

My Last Night At Club Desire

My boot in his back

My boot in his back

Pet said I should write about my last night at Club Desire. I wasn’t sure it was good material for a post, but it was fun. Anyway I love Pet, so I decided I would write about it.

We spent the whole day at Everland, which is like Korean Disney Land. We were really tired after walking around the park all day. But, I’d never taken Pet to Club Desire and he really wanted to go. So I thought; “What the hell?”

We made a reservation in English, which I have had trouble with in the past. I guess it was just lucky that someone who spoke English answered the phone.

When we got there, the bartender remembered me. I was pretty impressed with that, until I realized they don’t get many non-Koreans. He seated us at a couch in the middle of the room. I imagine that was to show us off. (Hey check this out, today we have foreigners!) We got a whiskey bottle set for 170,000 Won. The cheapest thing is a beer set for 130,000 Won, but I wanted whiskey.  And then, we waited for the club to fill up.

Now, I am told that Club Desire is busier on Fridays, but I have only been there on Saturdays. This didn’t happen to be a busy Saturday, so the club only filled up about halfway before people started having sex. I’m going to go ahead and admit that I like to show off, and that I actually had a lot of fun this trip to Club Desire because Pet is really pretty and fun to show off. He was the only one in the club with six-pack abs. Also, not to stereotype, but Koreans are typically a little smaller on average than American guys. And Pet happens to be a bit bigger than your average American (about 10 inches.) So, I was kind of looking forward to the looks I expected us to get.

I should mention that I love to perform. I grew up on the streets, on couches, and in garages. My boyfriend at the time and I were never anywhere private. But you know how it is with teenagers; his dick was metal and my pussy was a magnet. We fucked all the time. We always pulled a blanket over us, but everyone would watch anyway and try to guess at what was going on.

“Oh, looks like he’s going down on her. Let’s see if she can keep from screaming…”

It’s kind of embarrassing to look back on, but my 16-year-old self just didn’t care because my boyfriend was amazing and I was in love with him and the orgasms he gave me.

So Pet and I were seated in the center of the room in Club Desire, and I told him to take his clothes off. Then I started to play with him. He got hard right away from the excitement of being watched, and from seeing all the couples around us having sex. I ran my hand up and down his cock slowly, while sucking on the tip. I tried to do it in such a way that I wasn’t blocking anyone’s view, so that all 10 inches of my Pet were clearly visible.

Our eyes do not often meet, because Pet and I are not the sort to gaze longingly into someone’s eyes. Certain moments though- eye contact can be very powerful. I got on my knees on the floor and looked up at him as I licked his cock playfully. He looked down at me and he grinned.

“You love this, don’t you?” he asked.

I’m not sure he realized what a show-off I am before that moment.

He pulled me up onto our couch then and started to fuck me. I tried not to cry out too loud, (because Korean girls don’t scream much and I didn’t want to be rude) but I couldn’t really help myself. I could feel the eyes on me. I imagined the Korean girls thinking I must be in pain, to have something so big inside of me. And I whispered to pet then;

“When you’re about to cum, pull out. I want you to cum in my mouth.”

It was like my words broke some resolve he had to last longer, because almost instantly he pulled out and I sucked his hot cum into my mouth. I smiled as I imagined the thoughts of everyone whose eyes were upon us.

I laid back to relax, but not Pet. While I enjoyed a whiskey and coke, his eyes darted around the room watching the other couples. He fixed on a girl next to us and made a “swap” motion with his hands.

Now of course, at Club Desire, you’re meant to negotiate swapping through the bar tender. However, I don’t think Pet could contain himself, and in any case, the couple seemed fine with it. The guy came over to our couch, and Pet went over to theirs. I had a moment where I was unsure what to do, but Pet had no such moment. He started to fuck her, and she grabbed her husband and whispered that it hurt. He held her tightly and told her over and over “It’s okay…”

I watched, sort of confused. I couldn’t tell if she was serious about being in pain or if she was just being dramatic. But I figured, since her husband was holding her with both arms while Pet fucked her and he didn’t tell Pet to stop, she must be okay. So I amused myself stroking the husband’s small Korean penis and watching. I love the way Pet moves when he’s fucking someone. His muscles ripple and he looks so intense. I watched his arms flex as he pulled her closer, and I couldn’t help but  feel proud. My Pet is so sexy!

Finally, the wife said it was too much, and Pet came and sat next to me again. He looked over at the couple on our other side and did the swapping motion again. The man nodded, and switched places with Pet. I laughed to myself, because Pet was so eager and so excited!

Of course, Pet didn’t stop to say a word to the woman, and just started to lick her. But the man asked where I was from, and we started to talk. He said he was a plastic surgeon and his girlfriend was 40. I giggled as I told him my Pet was 22. We watched them for a moment and laughed. Then he looked at me and said;

“May I lick you?”

How could I say no to that? I laid back and let him reach between my legs and start to touch me and play with me. His hands were so soft I couldn’t believe it, and his tongue was careful but firm. I felt myself pressing closer to him, and soon I was clawing at his back and gasping. When I came, it was sudden and hard. I felt my pussy dripping, because I so rarely have orgasms and it was so good. I trembled for awhile, like jello. Damn, I thought. Man’s got skills. There’s quite a lot to be said for older guys who know what they are going. I ran my fingers through his white hair. It was thick, and utterly sexy.

Then his girlfriend was suddenly on my couch and of course, I reached out to touch her because she was beautiful and right in front of me. She looked shocked, and went back to her own couch. Her boyfriend talked to her, and sent her back. This time, she let me touch her.

I went down on my knees in front of her and started to lick her. I slipped one finger inside of her to rub her G-spot. Then, after awhile, I slipped in two. Even after Pet fucked her, she still felt tight. She squirmed as I played with her. I felt her swell, and then I felt her cum. She made an adorable little sound then, and she hugged me.

The bartender walked over then, to say that the cub was closing. The man asked us to come get breakfast, and we agreed. We walked out of the club and onto the street, where the surgeon’s Land Rover was parked. We hopped in and the girl put on Disco music. She kept reaching back to touch the inside of my leg and grin like a kid in a candy store. It was adorable.

And off we went, driving down the street in Gangnam with two strangers we’d just fucked, in a Land Rover bumping 1970’s American Disco.

A Kinky Threesome

Her clothes, topped with pink panties, on my end table in the morning.

Her clothes, topped with pink panties, on my end table in the morning.

She walked in and the three of us sat around my table. I made tea. Pet is going to Top her tonight, and I am going to supervise. I might even jump in. I haven’t decided.

In the past, when pet told me he was a switch, I found him a Malaysian girl to Top. It was cute because she thanked me every time they played. However, I haven’t seen him as a Dominant and I am curious what that looks like. So, now I am sharing my pretty little princess with him. As I watch, he is doing his first formal scene negotiation, paperwork and all. She fills out the forms and he reads them with a smile. I clear the tea and he says to her:

“You should be naked now.”

She looks alarmed.

“You’re not serious!” she says to him. Then she looks at me for help. “He’s not serious, is he?”

I just smile.

She takes her clothes off slowly, and folds and stacks them on my end table. Pet watches like a hawk, and he is grinning from ear to ear. It is the most adorable scene to watch! I stand back while he puts her cuffs on.

He takes up her riding crop. He’s never used one before and he looks both nervous and excited. He tries it out, running it along her skin. He starts to hit her softly, but he’s clearly afraid to hurt her. This makes me smile.

I watch him as he toys with her with the crop, and then later with the flogger. He considers the nipple clamps, but seems to decide against them at the last minute. While he is considering the various toys, I decide I can no longer resist. I walk over to her and start to caress her pretty little frame. I love the way she leans into my touch, like a playful kitten.

When pet sees what I am doing, he joins me. She doesn’t seem to know what to do now, writhing against both of us while we run our hands along her body and kiss and bite her skin. At one point while I am biting her nipple and he is nibbling her neck, our eyes lock. I have felt, these last many months, a growing fondness for my pet. At that moment though, we are united in thought and purpose so perfectly, and we are moving in harmony over her body. It is perfect, and at that moment, I love him. Anyone who can share such an experience without jealousy or awkwardness; who can simply enjoy the series of perfect moments with me… well… what more could anyone ever ask for in another human being?

We devour her in a series of positions. We tie her to the couch. We play with her on the table. At one point, pet picks her up and holds her with her back to me, while I flog her. He tosses her around like she weighs nothing- and I know she DOES weigh nothing to him because I am twice her size and he can toss me around.

Eventually we go upstairs and they have sex while I watch. They are a mass of skinny legs, muscles, and heaving chests. I am enthralled They are more beautiful than the people in porn, and I can’t believe this much sexiness is actually in my bed right now. I reach out and touch her breasts, which are shaking as he fucks her. They are so perfect. Not for the first time, the night feels like a drunken dream, where everything is perfect because in your mind things can be just as you imagine them. It’s rare that my reality is this amazing, and I enjoy every second.

So many fun things happen that night.

At one point, pet wants to switch because she wants to see me beat him. I tie him to my balcony and hit him as hard as I can. When I use the flogger he jumps, and I snap it hard so the sound echoes off the walls. Pet cries out a few times. She winces at the sound, and he jumps in pain again as I switch to the crop. The whole time though, she grins. I hit him over and over, and she is just there in my chair looking on like an excited little kid.

“Why is this so hot?” she asks me.

I just smile.

After I beat my pet, I put him on the floor. He curls into a little ball, and she plays with him and pets his head while I finger him. He’s shy and doesn’t want me to fuck him in front of her, so I don’t. I just finger him and spank him. She seems very amused by this.

We all spend a lot of time cuddling each other on the floor. It’s where we ended up after sex on all the furniture. I watch them move against each other and I am amazed at how perfect their bodies look together, like a god and goddess on loan to me from some unknown heaven. Her skin glows softly in the candle light, a perfect amber color. When pet puts his arms around her his muscles flex and he looks so strong and powerful. They are incredible.

At some point, after we get into bed again.

Before we fall asleep, when she first comes upstairs, she lays with me. I hold her tightly in my arms and she whispers sweet words to thank me for the scenes, and to tell me how much fun she had. I hold her against me and feel her soft, perfect body.

This, right here, is what happy feels like.

Pet joins us and we put him in the middle. It’s winter and it’s very cold. Pet is warm. So while he spoons her, I spoon him. We drift off to sleep easily, and all of us are perfectly happy.

Pretty Little Princess

The couch I tied her to

The couch I tied her to

She walked into my house nervous. Yet, it wasn’t the bad kind of nervous where you have an edge of fear and dread. It was the excited kind of nervous where you’re like a puppy jumping up and down. She was glad to be here.

This is meant to be a stand-alone scene. It is just a moment in time. We don’t really know one another, and we may never see each other again. But right now, in this moment, she wants me to Dominate her. She wants to be my little slut, and do all the things I say. She wants to please me.

Still, I don’t start right away. I  negotiate. I am always keen to get the ideas for a scene straight beforehand. That way, I can avoid anyone being disappointed later. When we are finished I tell her to strip. She is shy, and only takes off her shirt. I let it be, because I will enjoy undressing her anyway.

She is a work of art.

I imagine she weighs about 100 pounds, and she is slender, with curves in all the right places. Her ass has just enough shape to make it attractive  and her breasts are just big enough for my hands. Amazingly, I can see her stomach muscles. I take a moment to appreciate how much she must work out, and how impressive the results are.

I start by pulled her breasts out of her bra and using it to prop them up. They look nice this way, and I can appreciate her adorable, round nipples. I squeeze them until she flinches a little, so I can get an idea of how hard to be when we play. She said beforehand to be gentle and I will try, but I am not known for gentle.

Slowly I remove her skirt, and her panties. I have her step out of them. As I bend down to  toss them aside, I am distracted by her beauty and I find myself kissing all of her while she stands nearly naked in my living room. I kiss her legs, her ass, her back, and all along her shoulders and neck. I bite her ears softly, and she sighs a little. I want to drink in every inch of her.

I am almost ready to hit her. I take off her bra, and her breasts are free to rest against her body. She is certainly not the first  girl I have played with, but as I look at her in the candle light now, I am sure she is the most stunning! I know I should order her around, hit her, and fuck her. She came here to be abused. Yet, it’s so hard to stop licking her, covering her skin with kisses and nibbles and squeezes. As my hands run along her perfect body, I can not imagine anything more lovely.

I am reminded suddenly that I can be sentimental. I am not typically, because I mostly play with men. (They are much easier to get.) Yet, they do not evoke this sort of passion in me. For this delicate and beautiful creature, I could write poems. I could walk through fire if she asked. Women are so dangerous to me, and yet, so lovely. I am enthralled.

I tear myself away from her body and step back. I examine the toys I have. She brought a riding crop, and so I think I should try that first. I enjoy the way a good crop feels like an extension of myself. It’s like a little hand on a stick. I can use it to caress her breasts, but then I can pull it away and use it to slap them. I do this now, only lightly. I love the way they jump! She squeaks, because she was unprepared for the pain.

“Hold still now,” I whisper.

There’s no important reason to tell a submissive to hold still, I suppose. It’s meant as a command that can not be followed. Who can hold still and take it when they are really being hit? So when the victim jumps or squirms, you tell them they have earned more punishment because they were naughty.

Yet, as I begin to hit her harder, she does not jump. I actually hit her really hard a few times and welts raise on her back. Still, she doesn’t move. She stands up straight with perfect posture; feet together and shoulders back. She has been trained extremely well, and I am very impressed. It seems there is nothing about her that is not pleasing.

I switch to my flogger, because I enjoy the way it sounds when it slaps someone’s back. Her tiny frame makes a smaller target than I am used to, but I am surgical with my flogger. I can hit someone exactly where I mean to and exactly as hard as I mean to. I love when you get to know a toy well enough that you can use it as if it where part of your own body.

When I am done her back is red all over, with some pretty impressive welts on it. She hasn’t moved an inch and has hardly drawn a quick breath. Such a good girl.

I bend her over for a little bare-hand spanking, because I enjoy the way it feels on my hand. Of course though, once she is bent over, I can only think of her pussy, and I begin to rub her.

I command her to move then, and I tie her to my couch. Her arms are tied to the back, and her legs are spread wide apart. She looks wonderful tied there! I inspect her pussy and find it trimmed, and smelling lovely. I start to lick her, and she reacts then. She squirms and begins to moan in the most wonderful way. I slide a finger inside her, and find that she is so tiny and tight! I love the way her pussy grips my finger as it slides in and out. She moans louder and it sounds like she is about to cum, so I stop. I am not ready for that yet.

“No no,” I say. “I want to play so much more first.”

I untie her, and clip her cuffs on her hands together behind her back. I push her down on her knees in front of the couch, and tell her to pleasure me using only her tongue. While she does this, she must also keep her balance, with her hands restrained behind her. I giggle a little when she slumps forward, trying to find where she should be without her hands, and while blindfolded.

When she licks me it is perfect. Her tiny little tongue is so soft, and it feels amazing. I loose myself for a moment and forget where I am and what I am doing. All I can think about is her, and how good she feels. I particularly love the way she leans in and just rubs her face in my pussy. I can not enjoy it when someone goes down on me unless they love doing it. She does. I am in awe.

At some point I throw her on the table and fuck her with my strap on. I love the way she screams!  And, when I get frustrated that I can’t be pressed against her while I am fucking her, I stop, and I pick her up. I hold her there, with her legs wrapped around me like a tiny koala. I love being pressed against her like this. We fall onto the couch and roll together. We end up with me sitting, her on my lap, cuddling and rubbing and kissing each other. It’s the most amazing feeling ever! She plants little kisses on my forehead and I melt inside.

As we wind down, she whispers “That was perfect.” I wish I was a more eloquent person, because I want so much to express my happiness to her. Nothing I can think of in my head sounds good enough, so I cuddle her that much harder and whisper over and over that she is beautiful, as we go upstairs to bed.

I fall asleep with her in my arms, and I think she is perfect. Yes, it was a stand-alone scene. It was just a moment in time, and she will leave in the morning. Right here right now though, for this moment, she is my pretty little princess and I am the happiest Domme on Earth.

An evening with this girl I used to know

Kink and Girls!
*Because of a request from a reader…

She walked up to my house in a white tank top and blue jeans; her pretty blonde hair tie up in a pink hair tie. My cute little girl, home from her first day at college. I’m so proud.

I was outside already, oiling the chain on my motorcycle. A cigarette was hanging from my mouth, but I flicked it when she walked up to me. I hugged her, and she brushed her lips against my ear and whispered “I’ve been thinking about you all day.” I smiled.

“Is that so?” I ask. “And what kind of things were you thinking about?”I love the way her eyes dance with excitement when she thinks she’s being naughty. She’s a good girl, even if she doesn’t realize it. She’s from a nice family and she grew up in a nice house. Her parents are married. She’s had a nice life. I love that she thinks she’s bad because she drinks beer and smokes cigarettes and dates me. Personally, I think there is nothing sexier than a good little girl who thinks she’s a badass.

“I was thinking about how I want you to fuck me like you did last night,” she says. “I was supposed to be taking notes in math class, but all I could think about was how hard I came last night.”I grin, and pick her up by throwing my shoulder into her waist standing. She squirms as she finds herself over my shoulder. She weighs almost nothing, since she’s so short and skinny. I’m not a huge girl, but I’m a solid 5 feet 8 inches, and I have been known to be spotted at a gym now and again. It’s not terribly hard to carry her into the house.I toss her onto the bed like she’s an object, because she likes it when I make her feel like I don’t care about her; and then I descend on her. She squirms and struggles while I remove her clothes and kiss and bite her all over. I love how she makes little shrieking noises and giggles.

Once she’s naked, I pull out the kimono ties. Leather cuffs and other BDSM gear freak her out, but she likes to be tied up as long as it doesn’t look scary. The kimono ties are silk, and while they are not ideal, they are pretty and they work because she doesn’t really struggle too much. She just likes to feel restrained. She thinks it’s naughty.Once she’s bound with her hands and feet behind her, she looks like a hog-tied calf and I take a moment to admire the view. Then I start to tease her. While my pretty little girl doesn’t like pain, she does enjoy sensation play. I admit, part of me wants to let loose and whip her as hard as I can sometimes, but I content myself to watching her react as I run a feather over her skin. She trembles when it touches somewhere sensitive, and gets goosebumps. I tease her until she’s wet and giving me the come-fuck-me look.I don’t untie her, but I spread her legs.  I rub her softly and feel how wet she is. Carefully, I slide a finger just a little bit inside her. She sighs. At the same time, I put a finger in her mouth. She starts to suck on it. Slowly, I push my finger deeper into her mouth, while at the same time adding fingers inside her pussy and pushing deeper inside.

We’ve been working on this; me and Ms. B. At first she was only okay with three fingers. It’s taken quite a bit of play, but we’ve moved up to four fingers and I have almost slid my whole fist inside. I think tonight may be the night. However, I am in no rush. I like to tease her- because she loves suspense.I withdraw, and I untie her. I love the way she is now that she is really turned on. She is completely focused on me and the look she has suggests that she’d do anything I asked. I find that girls like to turn their noses up at things until they’re hot and wet, and then everything goes. Ms. B is definitely that way.Now I tie her to the spreader bars I have. They’re not too scary looking, and even if they were, she’s got the come-fuck-me look when I take them out from under the bed so I decide she can handle it. She doesn’t protest as I tie her hands to the opposite ends of one bar, and her feet to the opposite ends of another.Once she’s spread out and turned on, I am more ruff with her. I bite her nipples, and hold my hand against her throat while I kiss her. I am careful to put pressure on the veins to the sides of her windpipe, while not actually pressing down on anything in the middle. Breath play is dangerous; though fun. I don’t want to really hurt my beautiful girl.

I grab her hair and move to smother her with my pussy. I move against her just a tiny bit, so she feels trapped. She’s said she likes that.

Then I flip around and start to play with her too. I hold myself up with one hand while sliding the other in and out of her slowly. She squirms in the most delightful way! The best part about being with a girl is the way they are so much more willing to squirm and moan. I love that so much. It makes me feel so powerful.

I’ve got my thumb pressed again the inside of my fingers, so my hand is folded into something as skinny as I can  make it. Still, I feel resistance when I get to my knuckles. I lick her more, trying to let my saliva run all over her as much as I can. She doesn’t like to use lube or toys because it “feels too kinky” and I do not argue with her because a good Domme listens carefully to their submissive and tries to make them comfortable, even when they are being silly. I will try and introduce new ideas to her, but only a little at a time.

As my tongue brushes her clit, she gets more and more excited. I can tell because, the more excited she is, the more eagerly she licks at my pussy, while struggling the whole time. In the candle light, I can see how she swells as blood rushes into her nether regions. What was once pale white skin is now deep red and her labia are swollen. Her clit is harder and harder against my tongue. Finally, I feel my hand slide all the way inside her. She groans in a wonderful way, and I hold it there for a moment and let her feel it, before sliding it back out. I don’t want to overwhelm her or risk tearing the skin. I know it’s meant to stretch, but I am cautious.

I stop playing with her pussy then, and instead slide a finger into her ass. She likes to pretend she thinks this is gross, but secretly she loves this. I know because almost immediately she begins to spasm and I can feel her cum. She screams my name, and I cant help but smile.

I crawl off of her and untie her. She looks up at me with the happiest look, and then I lay down and she puts her head on my chest. As she lays next to me, I can feel her tiny breasts pressed against me. I love how soft she is. It’s rare that I am lucky enough to play with a girl. Perhaps I am too picky, or perhaps I’m just more attractive to men. Lesbians don’t tend to like me, but that actually makes sense to me since I consider myself a guy (in a chick’s body- of course.) Whatever the case, when Ms. B lays against me sated and happy, I feel amazing. I cuddle her, and she snuggles against me. This is what happy feels like.

Taking His Virginity

This is going to be fun…


He looks at me from across the table. He is like my pet- skinny but covered in that lean muscle I love so much. Guys like that are so much stronger than they look. His arms bulge in a distracting way when he moves, and he catches me checking him out. I am not discrete. My face clearly betrays my desire to rape him right there in the bar. The chemistry between us is electric and I know he can feel my desire.

He’s shy and smart, and he’d been chasing a young girl who had no interest in him. They cuddled a little because she felt bad for him. She is young and all she can see is his trouble talking to girls and his lack of aggressive behavior. She assumed that meant he didn’t want her. I know better. He’s a submissive. He wants to be taken. He has come to the right person.

In my head he is already at my house. He’s in the big, fluffy chair and his hands are bound behind his back. He’s blindfolded and he’s trembling the way my pet does when he first comes to my house. I find it sexy as hell that he shakes like an aspen leaf in the wind because he’s near me. It makes me feel sexy and powerful to be so scary to someone.

I whisper in his ear “It’s okay. I’m not going to hurt you. Maybe later- but not now. Now I just want to enjoy every inch of you.”

I run my hands along his young, soft skin. He shivers. I bite softly at his nipples and his neck. I breath in his ear. I reach down to touch his cock and find it hard like it’s made of stone; as only the really young, healthy boys get. I feel my own body responding as my pussy gets slippery wet.

I tell him “I am so wet right now, I am going to start dripping on my floor. I can’t tell you how much I want to climb on top of you and slide you inside of me. Would you like that?”

His body is so tense that all his muscles are tightened into chords and he looks like he could spring 10 feet in the air from all the built-up energy. He is a ball of hormones and sexual tension, and it’s a huge turn-on for me.

I think he tries to speak. His mouth moves but no sound comes out. He seems beyond being able to speak. But I can’t take it by force; not this time.

“I need you to ask me to fuck you.” I say sweetly. “I can’t do it the first time unless you ask. Just say you want me and you’ll have me.”

He is blindfolded, but he can tell where I am because of my voice. He turns to me and says in a trembling voice, “Please Mistress, I want you to fuck me.”

In seconds I am on him and he slides in easily because I really am dripping wet. He gasps when he feels himself go in. I linger there, not moving. I let him feel what it’s like to have a warm, wet pussy wrapped around his cock for the first time. Then, slowly, I start to move. He groans in pleasure.

I know he won’t last long. Who does, their first time? When I start to go faster, I can tell he’s building to orgasm, though he is too nervous to tell me. I move faster and faster and his entire body feels hard underneath me. His breathing is ragged and he’s clearly close.

“It’s okay to cum,” I whisper. “Cum inside me. I want you to fill me.”

That’s all he can handle. He cries out. Maybe it was meant to be words, but it only comes out as primal sounds. He cums hard, and when his body goes slack the look of peace and pleasure on his face is amazing. He looks like an angel, even with sweat dripping down from his hairline.

I untie his hands, and slip the blindfold off. I slide him out of me and go to the bathroom to clean up. When I come back, he’s sitting on the couch looking shy. Even as he looks shy though, he looks enchanted. I know that, for the rest of his life, he will compare every woman he sleeps with to me. I will always be his first, and he will never forget what has just happened. That makes me happy.

“Come upstairs,” I say say. “We can cuddle a little and sleep, or maybe do it again if you feel up to it.”

His eyes sparkle with happiness  The candlelight makes him look even more like an angel, and I take a moment to appreciate the perfect body of the man in front of me. He stands and goes up the stairs, and I am very happy to follow him.

This whole fantasy plays out in my head as we sit across from one another sipping our drinks on our first date.  I wish our mutual friend had not told me that he is a virgin. Now it’s all I can think about! A virgin from….

I sip my straight whiskey calmly and take in every detail of him. Yum!

From the Other Side

Rope is always a good start to a night.


I am not a trusting person. For me, this is terrifying. And yet, it’s an experience I want to have. I try to prepare myself by sitting in a submissive pose, with my shoulders hunched down and my legs crossed and hidden under the chair. I make myself as small as I can, and as my body leads, my mind follows. I begin to feel more submissive; more ready for this experience.

He comes into my house looking serious and businesslike. He uses a commanding voice, and tells me to strip. I stand meekly, with my eyes lowered to the floor. He watches me intently as I take my clothes off, so I feel more shy doing it.

When I finish, he lets me stand there naked for awhile before he speaks.

“On your knees,” he says.

He grabs my hair then, and wraps it around his hand so he can hold me still.

“What do you want, slut?” he asks.

“Only to please you, Master,” I reply quickly.

He pulls harder on my hair, and I let a gasp escape my lips.

“I enjoy the sound that my hand makes when it slaps your ass,” he says. “Come bend over this chair.”

It’s a recliner-style chair. The back is padded, and I think my master is kind to give me something soft to lean over for support. As I bend over, I feel terrified. The fear of pain is often worse than the actual pain. I think I tremble a little. The chair is vinyl and it is cold against my skin. I feel very exposed as I stand there naked, bent over, with my ass in the air. He runs his hands softly over my ass, letting my tension build.

“When I hit you, you must thank me and ask for more,” he says.

I find this very humiliating. When he hits me, I will want to beg him to stop. So of course, he is going to make me thank him and ask for more. He knows how hard it will be for me, and I think he is wicked.

It comes suddenly. Thwack! It stings so much! I want to cry out. I want to tell him to stop. I want to tell him I changed my mind and I don’t want to try being submissive. I want my power back! Yet I am stubborn too, and I know I should be able to bear up to the night I asked for.

“Thank you, Master” I manage to say. “May I please have another?”

“Why yes, you nasty little whore, you certainly may,” he says. He sounds so sadistic!

It continues for what feels like forever. He hits me harder and harder. I have to beg him for more. Every time I ask him to hit me again, it feels more humiliating than the last. It hurts so much my eyes are stinging as the tears come; completely against my will. I don’t cry! Yet, here I am blinking away tears.

I hear my voice break the next time I say “Thank you, Master. May I please have another?”

He grabs my hair and pulls my head back roughly.

“No, you may not,” he says harshly. “You may see how purple your ass is. Go into the bathroom now and look at it.”

I do as I am told, though it is hard to walk. In the bathroom, I turn enough to see my ass in the mirror. It is very purple, and somehow seeing it makes it hurt that much worse. He comes in and laughs at me, as I stand in front of the mirror looking at my bruised ass and crying.

“You are so easy to break,” he says. “But I’m far from done with you. You have a long night ahead of you. Get kneel on the yoga mat in the living room.”

I obey, and he stands over me. He unzips his pants, take his cock out, and shoves it in my mouth without any kind of warm-up or a word of warning. He grabs the sides of my head and holds on tight, and he fucks my face hard. I feel him inside my throat, and it hurts. I can only breath when he slides out, so I gasp then. When he thrusts in, I choke and gag and struggle. He doesn’t stop or even ask if I am okay. He just keeps fucking my face while I struggle and the tears keep running down my face.

Finally, he pulls out and cums on my face. I feel his cum sprinkle onto my skin and mix with the sweat and tears. He laughs at me.

“You look like such a pathetic little whore,” he tells me. “Now, don’t even think about getting up. I want you to smear my cum around on your face. Mix it up with your sweat and tears. I want to see you all sticky and dirty like the nasty little whore you are. Tell me how much you love to be my little slut.”

I reach up and rub my face, feeling the sticky wet mess all over my cheeks.

“Thank you for honouring this slut with your cum, Master,” I whisper. “I am so grateful that you let me please you with my mouth. I hope I have made you happy.”

He laughs. “Oh, not yet,” he says. “I am not nearly finished with you. I told you that you were in for a long night. When I am done enjoying how you look with cum and tears all over your pretty little face, I plan to rape you with random things in your apartment. Do you think your tight little cunt can handle a beer bottle? Because, I want to shove one up inside you. You’re not good enough for my cock, but I think I’ll enjoy fucking your cunt and your little asshole with some things I find in your house.”

I am afraid now. It sounds so painful. What if he hurts me? Can a beer bottle tear my pussy?

He starts looking around my house- and then he finds it. My toy box is under the couch. It’s where I keep my strap-on to fuck my pet, as well as all my whips and chains and toys.

“Jackpot,” he says.

He looks through the box, occasionally asking me if I like this toy or that toy. He tells me he will shove every one of them inside me. I feel myself getting more and more tense. I also feel his cum drying on my face. It’s itchy, and I want to scratch, but I know that would make him angry. I feel very humiliated  there on my knees watching him look through my toys, while his cum is drying on my face.

He finds my rope. He tells me to lay on my back on my table, and he starts to tie me up. He binds my hands and feet. He binds my breasts, until they ache from the ropes around them. They swell, and he seems to enjoy that. He puts nipple clamps on my nipples, and they swell as well. I find myself completely bound on my table, with my legs spread wide, tied to my arms. I am wide open, and I can’t help being afraid with my pussy and asshole to exposed.

As if reading my thoughts, he pulls one of the biggest dildoes out of my toy box. He slaps me across the face with it. It stings, but it also helps the itchiness. I try not to let on that I liked it a little.

“Why don’t you get it wet?” he says as he shoves it in my mouth. It’s huge, and it doesn’t really fit, but he forces it. “Lick it. Spit on it you little slut!”

When it’s wet, he walks around the table and looks at me. He slaps my pussy hard, and I squeak involuntarily. I think he will fuck me in my pussy then, and I am wet in spite of myself. I am dripping, in fact. I actually start to ache with how much I want it. But he doesn’t give it to me like I think he will. Instead, he suddenly shoves the huge, black dildo deep into my ass.

The pain is intense. The dildo is wide, and I feel my asshole stretch as it is filled up. He laughs at my surprise, and he sounds to vicious. He starts fucking me with it, hard. I feel it slam in and out of me, and it feels good even as it hurts. Because I am on my back, some of the wetness from my pussy drips down, so at least there is enough lube for what he is doing.

Then, he shoves it is and gets a scarf. He ties it around me in such a way that it is holding the dildo in my ass.

“Get ready for my fist,” he says.

I am not ready, but he doesn’t seem to care. He starts by plunging three fingers in. He works them in and out a few times.

“You are so wet,” he says. “You like being fucked in the ass, don’t you? You nasty little whore. You LOVE a big cock in your ass. Look how wet you are! A dripping cunt doesn’t lie. You are loving this. What a little slut you are!”

He adds another finger. Now he is fucking me with four fingers. He closes his hand together and adds his thumb. As his whole fist shoves inside of me, I scream and try desperately to squirm away. It is so painful that I can’t stand it and I beg him to stop. I don’t say my safeword though, so he keeps his fist inside me. He starts to move it in and out, in and out. I feel like i am being torn in half. I’ve forgotten all about my safeword. I scream and beg and tears well up in my eyes again. I am overwhlmed, and I feel the muscles in my strain. In spite of the scarf, the dildo is pushed out of my ass.

“You naught girl,” he says. “I wanted you totally filled and you pushed the dildo out of you. Oh… I am going to have to punish you for that.”

He withdraws. Then he comes back with a whip. Before I know what is happening, he is whipping my pussy and my tits. He does it so hard that the welts raise immediately  He doesn’t even tell me to thank him, he just hits me while I scream.

When he stops, I am covered in welts. He unties me. He tells me to get to get on my knees. He tells me to bow down all the way to the floor and lick his feet. Does he really expect me to do this?!? Feet are so gross!  I feel like I am going to break a lot of boundaries tonight…