Valentine’s Nightmare


Every year Valentine’s Day looms; that pain-in-the-ass day where you feel obligated to honor all of your intimate relationships. Yuck.

Personally, I am much more interested in buying gifts for people when the mood strikes me (if I see something they would like.) And yet, if you don’t get a gift for your significant others on Valentine’s Day then you are an asshole. Also, it has to be a gift they would like; not something that you want (Example: Do not get your girlfriend lingerie and then ask her to wear for you unless she asked for it.)

If you are monogamous, then you really only have to worry about one person, so that is a relief. In this way, you can stress about Valentine’s Day like a vanilla person, with only the concerns of what to get and where to go. It’s still uncomfortable pressure on what might otherwise be a comfortable relationship. But at least you only have the one person to concern yourself with.


If you are Poly, then you either put a lot of thought into planning something special for everyone you are dating, …or you are me.

Normally I am pretty good at this stuff. I have been poly for a long time, and I know that I need to make sure that everyone feels valued on important days. But sometimes (like right now) I am a little overwhelmed and it all falls apart.

The story goes like this: I just got back from Australia and I am still recovering from the trip. I won’t bore you with the details, but I am not as young as I used to be and I have medical issues that make traveling hard. So, I needed to catch up on doctor’s appointments and sleep.

I bought my husband a card and some chocolates and I thought “that should be fine.” After all, the rest of my relationships are long-distance right now, so what are the odds they will want to exchange gifts? I guess I knew in the back of my mind that I was lying to myself, but it felt so good to choose the option that didn’t involve getting out of bed, so I did…


Then a very sweet card arrived from one of my guys in the US, with a gift card inside.


So of course, I panicked like the basket-case that I am at the moment.

I jumped on and send him a gift that is probably over-the-top because I feel guilty. Then I grabbed my address book and picked out a book for the other guy I am in a relationship with as well (just in case he got me something.)

Then, sitting by myself on my floor having just spent $100 on amazon, I wondered if I am also expected to call.


On the day, or the weekend before?

I have no idea.

Le Sigh.

And this is just the distress of a person who is casually dating people who she is geographically separated from. When we all lived in the same place, it was much more complicated. Who gets Valentine’s Day night? My primary? Or since they get me all the time, is that not fair? What if my primary says they don’t care about Valentine’s Day and so I make other plans, but then they realize last minute that they do care?

This is different for poly people who don’t have separate relationships. Sometimes a couple dates another person as a unicorn and they can all spend Valentine’s Day together. Sometimes two people are dating two other people and each other, and they can just double-date. There are lots of situations that can work out to be less complicated, depending.

Mine just isn’t currently one of them.


Anyway, you can tell I hate Valentine’s Day. It is, and always has been, my least favorite holiday. It’s full of pressure to have the perfect dinner, the perfect scene, and the perfect sex. Not to mention the pressure on Poly folks to decide who you see on the day, and who gets a day that isn’t really Valentine’s Day but you can pretend.

You can say that I am just contrary, (since if you know me, you know I also hate Christmas.) But I would argue that I have very good reasons to dislike the holidays that I dislike, and that I make up for it by loving Halloween five or six times more than normal.

Anyway, I hope you all have a good Valentine’s Day. Spend it with people you love and don’t let the societal pressures and expectations bum you out!


A Funeral For 2017

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My husband and I have a tradition we call Haunt the Holidays. Halloween is our favorite holiday, so we add a little bit of creepiness to all of our holidays. I am perfectly happy to celebrate 2018, but right now I am having a funeral for 2017.

I don’t do depressing funerals though, so we’re having an Irish Wake for the year. We’ll talk about the good things and the bad things and tell funny stories. And of course, we’ll drink.

download (2).jpg

Anyway, 2017 was pretty good for me. I hope it was for all of you.

To those who celebrate the Western Calendar, Happy New Year tomorrow! And for those who celebrate the Eastern Calendar, Happy New Year in a few months!


And now I am off to Sydney, Australia to see some friends.

Hopefully I will be able to go to a munch or connect with some kinky people while I am in Sydney. That way I will have some fun things to write about when I get back.

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Women Get Bored Too

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I was talking to a guy on Fetlife who is married, but whose wife doesn’t know he is on there. Basically he messaged me to ask if he could come to an event, admitted that he has a wife, and said he would lie to her about coming.

He seemed to think that people on Fetlife should have no problem with cheating, (because obviously kinky people have no morals?) I was pretty offended (obviously) by that bit. So I told him:

You should tell your wife. Kinky people are not cool with infidelity.


However, let’s set the issue of morals aside. There is something else I want to talk about.

This guy said that his wife was perfectly happy in their marriage, and that she was not kinky or curious. He said she was a virgin when they got together, and she is never bored with him. He said he just knows that she adores him. But of course, he said he was bored with her, so he needed to cheat through Fetlife “to get what he needed.” That is about the point when I could feel my blood boiling up inside of me.

Obviously, I don’t know these people personally.

But, I do know the facts.


Women struggle more with monogamy than men. There is plenty of evidence that many women are more likely to report their relationship as “happy,” but that the sex is lackluster.

Sometimes women mistake a lack of sexual excitement for “falling out of love” and then mistake sexual lust for the next person they meet as “falling in love.”

No matter how you slice it, the truth is that women are just less likely to enjoy monogamy (according to science.) Even in a recent conversation with some of my vanilla girl friends, I found that they were very open to swinging or dating outside the marriage.

To sum up, more women report being bored and not feeling sexual desire than men. That is just a fact that we know, and it means that there is a higher chance that your wife is bored than you.

In fact, if you are bored, science can almost guarantee that your wife is.


So the point is: Talk to your fucking wife/girlfriend/whatever. Don’t make assumptions about how another person feels. That is never okay.

Also, when I told Cheating SOB (this guy’s screen name) that he should just talk to his wife, he asked me what he should say.

First, recognize the fact that: I don’t know your wife! You know your wife. I bet you know better how to bring things up with her!

Generic Advice:

Do some laundry. Cook. Clean. Take her to dinner. Have sex. And after sex in the dark, ask her if she ever feels like the romance is gone, or like she’s not as attracted to you as she used to be. Let her know that it is okay to be honest.

Then, ask her how she would feel about trying new things in bed that she might be interested in. Ask if she has any fantasies. (Yes, it does have to be about her if you want it to work. Keep your own shit to yourself for awhile until you do some stuff she wants.)

If you are interested in being poly, as her if she would ever consider dating someone else. Make it clear that she would date someone else first before you, so you could both see how you felt about it. Because if it is your idea, then it should be her who tries to go on dates first and her who has sex outside the marriage first.

If and only if you are both okay with that, then you can start to date.

This way it doesn’t feel like a free-for-all or a competition, but rather, a careful and considered growth in the relationship.

So what is the key to getting your spouse to try new things in bed or to open up the relationship? Make the focus on what they want instead of being a selfish ass. I think we can infer from Cheating SOB’s screen name and the fact that he is trying to hook up with people off Fetlife that he is a self-centered narcissist. But if YOU are not a self-centered narcissist, then I think this can easily work for you.


When Domination is Abuse



There is a guy named Justin who I put up with harassing me for quite some time before I decided not to take part. He was a friend of friends, and I felt like I had to put up with him in order to avoid offending people I care about. He does (pretty mediocre) leather work under the alias “Justin Sayne,” and is involved with Star Fucker Promotions of Arizona. Pictures of him are including in this blog, so you can make sure to do the kink community proud by shunning this abusive person.

And now, on to the story:

This person, named Justin, was abusive to me for over a year. I fell into that awful and shameful behavior of ignoring it because he was part of the kink community in Arizona (where I am from) and I hate to make an enemy. I admit now that this was wrong of me. I compromised my principles by allowing this person to talk to me and interact with me at all after I suspected him of being abusive. I regret that. It is wrong of us to humor these people and let them live among us as equals when we know what they are.

Anyway, I finally had enough when he threatened to “really hurt me” because it “is his super power” and started stalking all my online content for the last eight years, trying to find a way to hurt my feelings. (This was prompted, by the way, by me giving my opinion on something a friend said. He does not like it when women have opinions at all.)

The point is, he displayed a variety of extremely abusive, sexist, and violent behavior when he went after me. He thinks it is okay to act in this way to any female he encounters because he “is a Dom” and “a sadist.” (And he is not really either of those things.)

As a Dominatrix who has spent 20 years in the kink scene in several different countries I want to be very clear right now:

Being abusive IS NOT being dominant.

Full stop.


I know that people can get abuse and dominance confused. Many a sub have fallen prey to an abusive man because he played it off like it was just him being dominant.

Remember: Your submission is a gift, and you should not give it to anyone who does not respect you.

Signs That Your “Dom” is Abusive:

1. Your “Dom” does not listen to you, or becomes upset when you express an opinion.

2. Your “Dom” says things that are emotionally hurtful, such as that you are fat, or that you are stupid, or that you are too emotional to know what you want.

3. Your “Dom” ignores limits that you have set, whether hard limits or soft limits. They tell you that they know what you can handle better than you.

4. Your “Dom” does not demonstrate a fundamental respect for you, including treating you like an honored pet rather than property (outside a scene of course, because within a scene you may want to be treated as property.)

5. Your “Dom” does not demonstrate care. This is not just about listening to you during after care at the end of each scene. It is also about demonstrating care to you at all times, from complimenting your looks to expressing appreciation for your submission. You should feel love and gratitude from anyone who claims to be a dominant person.

6. Your “Dom” is constantly trying to look for your emotional weaknesses in order to exploit them. This is absolutely wrong! A good dominant will build you up, NOT tear you down.

7. Any other behavior which makes you feel hurt or damaged rather than encouraged and appreciated.

So here is the abusive guy I am talking about:


This is Justin. He is single (obviously,) never went to college, and wants to take out his insecurities about those things on YOU.

A real Dominant may hit you, and they may enjoy hitting you. They may love the look of pain on your face, and get off on seeing you squirm and struggle. However, that is all part of BDSM and in the context of a scene. It is hurting you in physical ways, and only within boundaries that you, as a sub, have given.

If someone is lashing out and trying to hurt you emotionally, or hitting you outside of the context of a scene, that is abuse.

I understand that there are times when these lines become blurred, but there are also plenty of times that it is crystal clear, and you need to realize that and be mindful of how you are treated.


Another picture of Justin, who probably thinks he is very funny for this, but likely is also deeply insecure about how fat he is, and that is thumb is likely about the same size as his cock. And he wants to take out those insecurities on YOU.

So, you may ask, why do people act abusive? 

People act abusive because they have unresolved emotional issues. For example, since Justin demonstrated a completely unfounded hate for me being educated and a hate for any woman who has an opinion, we can assume a few very obvious things:

1. Justin probably had a mom who was poor, and who used drugs or alcohol. She was probably unstable, and mentally and physically abusive. He has not made peace with this and is obviously still letting his past imprison him, so he is trapped helplessly in a reactionary state of hate for all women.

The irony is that if he stopped trying to hurt women and realized that most of them are good and not abusive, he would then be able to have a genuine emotional connection with a women. I think it’s obviously that making a genuine connection to a woman is the best path to heal his wounds, since he is really just upset that he didn’t feel loved by his mom.

So, by hating all women and constantly assuming that they are stupid and inferior, he is actually preventing himself from having the one thing he truly needs to heal, which is the love of a woman.

2. Justin obviously was not educated. He may have gone to High School, though I doubt it was a very good one. However, he never got into a University, and he never learned much more than the most basic things. This lack of knowledge caused him to need to tear others down so that he can try to seem superior (therefore covering for his insecurity.)

Sadly, he has tried to cover for his lack of education by reading fringe literature which is based on nonsense. This only makes the problem worse, because now instead of simply being ignorant, he is saying idiotic things that embarrass him and make his deficiencies more obvious.

What I did before I was able to get scholarships and work towards more education and travel was to listen. I listened to anything that anyone said! I told myself that everyone knew something that I didn’t know, and I looked at every conversation as a way to learn something. If Justin were to view things this way, he could improve.

Unfortunately, he is too insecure to listen to others. He looks at his life as a fight against everyone where he is constantly needing to prove himself, and it is all to cover up his subconscious understand that he is inferior as a person.


This is not a good person. This is someone who shames our entire community by treating women as less than human. He is abusive, and he takes out his own issues on everyone around him.

How can you be better? 

Let’s say that you looked at the section above, and you realized that sometimes you also feel like you are trying to prove your worth to others. That is wonderful. The first step on your journey to being better is to recognize that you are insecure and that you do feel like you need to prove something to other people.

If you feel this way, it is because you (like Justin) have unresolved issues. You can deal with this simply by figuring out what those issues are.

Ask yourself some basic questions:

Do you feel like your parents loved you enough?

Do you feel like your grandparents loved you enough?

Do you feel like you got a “fair” hand in life, and a good chance at an education?

Are you fulfilled at your job?

Do you have hobbies that make you happy?

Do you feel like you contribute to conversations in a  meaningful way, and like you are adding something to the world?

Of course you may have other issues. Maybe you were raped. Maybe you were molested by a “funny uncle.” (I hate that term because it is not fucking funny.) Maybe you just didn’t feel like anyone really cared about you growing up, so you have trouble caring about people now.

Whatever your issues are, it’s okay that you have them. It’s okay to be hurt, because life should be more fair and there is way too much human suffering. I was homeless as a child, so I know just how shitty the world can be. I also know that even if you had a “nice life,” you can still suffer from feelings of alienation, and that those feelings are totally valid. (Every person has the worst problem in the world because it is theirs.)

However at some point, you do have to accept that holding on to pain from the past can only hurt your future. It sucks, but it’s true. You have to forgive the people who failed you, and take charge of your own life. Move forward with hope, and with kindness.

I say this because I am happy.

I have more than I ever thought that I would, and I am so fucking lucky. I really can’t tell you how lucky I am, and how grateful I am for the life that I have. And when you are happy with who you are and the life that you live, no one can hurt you. Nothing that anyone says can touch you, because you don’t get your validation from other people. You get it from yourself.

I raised a kid, and he struggles a lot with things. He always asks me where I get my happiness from, since he sees me being happy without drugs or piles of possessions and can’t understand it. The answer is so simple to say and yet so hard to realize, but I will say it anyway and hope you are in a place that you can hear me.

Where does my happiness come from?

I make it myself.

Obviously a few words on a blog are not going to heal the wounds in your soul. It takes time, and real work to do that. However, I think that it’s important to take that time and to work towards healing.

We all need to try to be better people.



So what about Justin? Well, I cut him out of my life, and warned my friends that he was abusive to me, and that I do consider him to be an abusive person in general.

However, that was for my own safety and peace of mind. It doesn’t help him. So what about Justin? Well, I am sad for him. I hope he finds some way to come to terms with his past, and to be at peace. I never want anyone to hurt emotionally, because that is not the sort of person I am.

Until he does find peace, however, I would advice you all to stay away from Justin.

Do not buy his leather work.

Do not talk to him at events.

And because he is associated with Starfucker Productions of Arizona, do not attend their events.

He is a bad guy. I know it’s not his fault to a certain point and that he does just have issues, but he is also abusive and a bad person, and we can’t encourage that sort of behavior in the community. We need to root out the assholes and keep them away from the submissives, because we have a responsibility to each other. It is our job to make sure that no one is abused and that no one is raped, beaten, or otherwise injured.

We all know that every kink community does have those guys who are creepers, or who are using BDSM as a cover for physical and emotional abuse. We often let it slide because we feel like they are well-connected or somehow unable to be cast out.

That is not true. 

We can cast them out, and we need to if we respect ourselves and our communities at all.

Remember: Although Justin was likely abused by a woman, that was only one woman. He is abusive to hundreds of women. If we let that continue, we are passively allowing something that is a serious problem in society and in kink, and that is not okay.


Role Play


There is something really sexy about the idea of having sex with someone that you don’t know. The anonymous aspect is just so exciting because it’s irresponsible, dangerous, and stupid.

However, something I learned ages ago with one of my favorite exes is that with a little imagination, you can absolutely have sex with strangers without actually doing it

I used to ask him about the kind of girls that he always wanted to fuck, but would never date. As a geek, he couldn’t imagine being in a relationship with someone who didn’t read and have an avid interest in science. However, that didn’t mean that he wasn’t into the idea of fucking the kind of girl who –How shall I put this?–  Um, the kind of girl who watches TV shows about celebrities and follows girls who do makeup tutorials on YouTube.


So I got a blonde wig because stereotypes, and some slutty preppy clothes. I bought some makeup that was in those nude shades real girls wear (rather than my signature purple.) And, I did a glance over some really inane topics of conversation.

Meanwhile, he asked me what kind of guy I wanted to fuck but would never date. That’s actually hard for me because I just go for people who interest me and it doesn’t matter what they are like. I’m one of those annoying people who thinks everyone has redeeming qualities. But, since I got to order up a little variety, I asked for a cowboy. Yes, I insisted on the hat, the boots, and that southern drawl (which I actually think is really sexy under some circumstances because of this court jester from the Renaissance Festival this one time…)

download (2)

Anyway, we agreed to “meet” at a bar. Then we got dressed separately (me at a friend’s house.) When I got there, I pulled up a stool at the bar and ordered a drink. A girl down the bar started a conversation with me, and I had to think my character out more than I thought I would have to all of a sudden. Turns out her name was Candy and she was from a small town in Ohio. She came to Phoenix to go to cosmetology school so she could be a hairdresser.

Just when I was running out of information on Candy, a cowboy sidled up to the bar and ordered a whiskey, straight up. He was perfect. My T-shirt wearing geek had transformed into a guy wearing a clothes that actually let you see his abs! He tipped his hat to me and said “Hey there, little lady. Can I buy you a drink?” Of course I ordered the most absurd drink in the bar, filled with enough sugar to kill a horse. (That is what Candy would do, after all.)


We had a few drinks, and then “Clive” suggested in a perfectly charming way that we go and get ourselves a room for the night. By the time we got back to the room, we were both tipsy and really getting into our characters. And when we had sex, it was just like fucking someone else.

I tell you this because I have a lot of people write to me and say that the passion has gone out of their relationships. They ask what they can do to bring it back. I have lots of suggestions, and have given quite a few in the past. However, this is one of my favorite ways to have a really good night with the person you love. Ironically, it is by pretending to be with someone else. But hey; if it works, it works; you know?