People You Should Check Out




As far as kink-related awesome goes, I know a few people that I am pretty proud to mention every chance I get.

To start, there is Doctor Xtreme. A PHD in Physics, this scientist turned his focus to making vibrators that allow for a wider variety of experiences than what was previously possible. Now partnered with, look for his devices in future videos and check out his web site for all the goodies he’s creating for us kinky folk to spice up any night.


Then there’s Steve Haworth, who has been doing body modifications of various kinds for 20 years. Us kinky folks are commonly geeky as well, so often we appreciate elf ears or horns.

Steve recently upgraded me; installing a magnet in my ring finger which allows me to sense magnetic fields. Check out his web site to see when he’ll be touring your area.

I recently met the folks behind Exxess Latex and they are fantastic. If you’re in the market for some fetish gear, I highly recomend having a chat with them about custom suits or outfits that you have dreamed up. They can make your fantasy fetish wear a reality.

Monk (no last name) laughs as he suspends Sam D. using bondage rope made of 100% hemp during

And of course, I highly recommend the guys from Twisted Monk for rope. They make very nice quality hemp rope for suspension and shibari bondage, and they have instructional videos on how to use it. After recently seeing one of the guys from there to a suspension at the CSPC, I can not tell you how impressed I am with their skill, (though I was buying rope from them way before I truly knew how awesome they were.)


Since I mentioned the CSPC, you should definitely go there if you are ever in the Pacific Northwest. To my knowledge. it is the only public dungeon in existence.

There are a lot of dungeons out there. In Portland, for example, there is a dungeon called Meadhall. And you can go there. People do. They get invited off and they go.

BUT it’s not the same as a public dungeon, registered with the City of Seattle, including a kink library and sex education classes and workshops. It is truly the coolest thing for new kinksters, and I hope someday that there are places like this in every city.

There’s lots more I should add, from kink music like element a440 to custom collars. But I’ll get to that when I can.
Also, check out Love & the Desert by J.D. DeLemont because books that normalize kink and portray it as something anyone can do are good for the community.

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