It’s My Birthday!



Two years ago a friend of mine told me that I should write a blog. I’m still not sure I have anything to say that anyone would care about, but the “stats” on my blog seem to suggest that people are reading, so I guess I’l just carry on writing.

I’d like to take this opportunity to remind you that I do take suggestions, comments, or criticism. And since some people aren’t comfortable leaving the things they want to say in the comment section, remember that I have an e-mail address:


I’m happy to write about any topic that I know about if you have questions, so remember to keep those questions coming.

Thanks for sticking with me the last two years, whoever you beautiful people are. It’s been fun, and I plan to continue.

I do try to get a post out once a week, though I’m doing a lot of travel this summer and moving countries again, so bear with me when I miss a post or two.



The Magical Slut Turns One


Well kinky kiddos, it’s been one year since I started The Magically Delicious Super Slut. I hope I’ve provided some insight or entertainment over the last year. At the very least, I hope I have provided some useful erotica stories to give you crazy kids ideas. I’m always fond of saying that a wise person keeps their mouth shut as often as possible, and writing this blog went against every instinct I had. But, some people told me I should do it, and over time, others have convinced me it’s a worthwhile endeavor.

So as of now, I am going to consider this experiment a success, and I will keep writing kinky stories and tips and sharing things with you.

It just so happens that it is also my real-life birthday (as I started the blog last year around my birthday time.) So happy birthday to my blog, and happy birthday to me. Here’s to another great year!

The Birthday Hat is what made me HAVE to post this!

The Birthday Hat is what made me HAVE to post this!