I Have Been Upgraded


So I headed out to Deep Roots Tattoo shop in Seattle, Washington last week. My purpose was to obtain a tiny magnet, implanted in the skin of my ring finger. I wrote about Steve Haworth before, and the cool body modifications he does.

Of course now, I am having a little bit of trouble typing, so I’ll keep this short:

After m finger was numbed with ice, a small cut was made and the magnet slipped in. Then a stitch was put in my finger to hold the wound closed.


This implant, when healed, will allow me to sense magnetic fields. I am super-excited about it, and I will let you all know how it goes once I’m healed and can type easily again.

I know this isn’t strictly BDSM related, but I wanted to share this adventure, and I do feel like many folks in the community are into body modification. (Or at least, that has been my experience.)

Steve is doing an East Coast tour in a few weeks, so if you are interested in getting your own upgrades, make sure to check him out!

And don’t worry; when I’m all healed up I’ll let you know how the magnet is working out.


Steve Haworth, and Upgrading Your Body


I keep meaning to write about Steve Haworth, and now I am finally getting around to it. There is lots of cool stuff in the Arizona kink scene, and body modification is very popular. I’ve seen all kinds of cool implants, from horns to crosses under the skin. Steve has done lots of cool stuff.

However, possibly the coolest thing Steve has ever come up with is magnets under the skin of a person’s finger tips. You might be thinking, “what is the point of that?” Well it goes way beyond party tricks like picking up a paperclip with the magnet.

What makes these magnetic implants so cool is that they allow you to sense magnetic fields. That’s right; you can tell when a magnetic field is present because the magnet in your finger tip reacts to it. Who wouldn’t want a whole new sense that they didn’t have before?

Magnets being put in.

Magnets being put in.

But it gets cooler than that. Way cooler. Because people who have the magnets in report that after their brains adapt to the new sensory information, they can actually SEE magnetic fields. Their brains interpret the information and process it with a visual manifestation. Now that is amazing.

You only need a single magnet to get the effect, and it can be placed in the tip of your pinky finger in your off hand so it won’t get in the way of your daily life. It has recently been discovered that they do not effect MRI scans because they are too small, and they do not set off metal detectors. So basically, there is no downside and you get to gain a whole new sense that your brain didn’t have before!

Now, you may love body modification, and you may hate it. Not everyone in the kink scene thinks it’s that great. But even if you’re not one to get horns implanted into your head, you have to admit, a little magnet that allows you to see the world in a new way is a pretty cool invention. So check Steve out if you happen to be somewhere he is on tour, or if you happen to visit Arizona. It’s worth a closer look!

This is just one example of the various other cool types of mods you can get for your body, though the magnets are still the coolest in my opinion.

This is just one example of the various other cool types of mods you can get for your body, though the magnets are still the coolest in my opinion.