I was asked recently by a girl about how to peg her boyfriend. I’m just going to throw a few quick suggestions out there…

First, let me get the obvious stuff out of the way:

– Keep your toys clean. Wash and sterilize after each use.

– Lube. Buy some. Use it.

– Butt plugs help. If your sub wears them, it will be easier to let your strap-on slide in.

– Mess happens. Let’s be mature about a little poo here and there.

So you feel ready. You bought a strap-on (the cheap ones suck so get something good!) You practiced on your own putting it on and taking it off. Maybe you even tried the dildo on yourself. You feel prepared.

Now let me tell you that you are not prepared. There’s no exercise I’m aware of that uses the same muscles as fucking someone with a strap-on, and because your body is not designed for it, you’re going to wear yourself out pretty fast. That’s okay. Take the dildo out of the harness and use your hands if you want. Make him get on top and fuck himself if you’d rather. Don’t be discouraged if you can’t fuck for that long at first, because everything takes practice and that’s okay.

I think at first I encountered a host of problems from soar muscles to the ick factor of cleaning a little poo off the end of the dildo after. I think at first, I was nervous about the moment you stick it in, when they gasp.

However, that was just the first few times I did it.

Several pets later, I’ve really come to love pegging. The main reason is the sounds guys make. See, usually when a guy is fucking a girl he’s pretty quiet because he’sĀ concentratingĀ on the way he’s moving and all that. But when a guy is getting fucked, he has nothing to do but lay there and take it. That’s when they moan. I have really come to love that sound. The way they look, all helpless and cute… and the way you’re able to control the sounds they make by how hard you fuck them… it’s really all a lot of fun.

So yes, I know at first a lot of girls sort of shy away from the idea. I get that. But you can do it, and you will come to love it. Just be mentally prepared for the complications you may face, and keep an open mind. Because after awhile, I think you’ll come to find that it’s a lot of fun.