Halloween Count Down


I know that not all kinky people are into the Goth look, or into Gothic things.

I understand.

Lots of people in the community are regular folks who just like to get freaky in bed.

And that’s fine!


However, I am an old-school Victorian Goth from the 90’s, and I love all things dark and creepy.


Halloween is my very favorite holiday, and every year waiting for it is like a child’s count down to Christmas.


I love going to a pumpkin patch and picking out the perfect pumpkin to carve! I love going to haunted houses! I love buying up half of the Spirit Halloween store in my neighborhood! I love dressing up in silly costumes and handing out candy to the kids! I love throwing spooky Halloween parties with ridiculous food and dry ice in the punch!


This post goes out to all of you who love Halloween just a little bit too much:

Happy Halloween! I hope it’s a wonderful day for all of you.


Fetish Series: Clothes


I know a guy who has a pair of high heels under his bed. They’re not for him. He just hopes to find a girl who will wear them. It’s sort of like a Cinderella fetish, I guess (since shoe size is a thing.)


Me? I am completely in love with leather and latex. I could watch people walk around all day in leather or latex clothes, because I think they are so amazingly sexy.


My Pet adores anyone in Goth clothes. His theory is that anyone gains two points of attractiveness when they are dressed up as a Goth. So a 6 automatically becomes an 8.


And there are a lot of fetishes about clothes! Not just kink fetishes either. Lots of vanilla people are really into specific clothes that turn them on.


Here is a list of just a few of the many, many clothing fetishes out there:

-High Heels
-Formed Feminization
-Collars & Cuffs
-School Girl Outfits


I guess you could say that School Girl outfits are uniforms, but I gave them their own category because it seems like every single guy on Earth has a Fetish about School Girl uniforms, though not necessarily about any other uniforms.


It seems like all clothing-related fetishes belong in the same category. And yet, there is often judgement when some people think that some clothing-related fetishes are “too weird.”



“I am completely fine with school girl uniforms even though it sexualizes children, but adult diaper play is sexualizing babies!”

“I don’t think that women in collars and leashes are weird, but I don’t like it when a Domme makes her male sub wear a dress.”

download (1)

Now look; I know that you might not be turned on by a girl in a diaper, or a guy dressed as bacon. Maybe men cross-dressing isn’t your turn on, or you get a little uncomfortable with women in “men’s clothes.”

That’s fair.


However, I would ask that you not judge people who like different clothes than you do. I think all of us have some kind of clothing fetish, even if it’s just a guy in tight jeans and a cowboy hat. Most vanilla people have clothing fetishes, too. So let’s try to be tolerant of the fact that everyone is into different clothes and that’s okay.