Doctor Xtreme


I want to take a moment to write about a friend of mine who I am impressed and amazed with. I meet a lot of very cool people, and I love all the awesome things that I am able to experience because of that. Last spring, I was lucky enough to spend some time with a physicist.

The good doctor (he really has a PHD which is why I love to call him that) is going to revolutionize sex toys! Seriously people, physics + sex toys = really good ideas. He explains it better than me on his site, but the idea is that instead of one little weight spinning inside a machine, you have several. It creates a whole new and different experience, and it’s going to be really huge.

I hope those of you who throw events in various places will keep Doctor Xtreme in mind. He has a whole demo that’s got just enough science to be awesome but not so much that it ruins the sexy aspect. He’s a very cool guy and he’d be a great person to have at a Fetish Prom, or a play party to give a talk.

Also, he’s partnered up with, so you may see some of his stuff in future shoots there. And I should also mention that for fetish porn, is some of the best!

So check out Doctor Xtreme and remember, life is more fun with less pants and more science!