Discovering Fetishes


Recently I wrote a fetish series. For it, I did some extensive research into various fetishes that I had never really looked into before.

And of course, since then, I have been fantasizing about some of the things I researched.

I never thought much about furries before, other than to enjoy seeing them at fetish proms because I love the costumes. But, after looking into it, I guess I kind of want to hang out with a furry…

I mean, why not?


Look how cute those costumes are? Don’t you at least a little bit want to try having sex with a fox? The anonymous nature of it, plus the weird disconnection from reality…

Anyway, I was just thinking about the old saying: “It’s only kinky the first time.”

Isn’t it funny how we all start out disgusted by things that we say are “too weird.” But then, after we look in to it, it actually starts to sound interesting.

Just a thought of the nature of kink and how preferences evolve over time.