I am Thankful

Today I woke up next to one of my pets. He is 21 years old, has 6-pack abs, and a 10 inch cock.

It happens to be Thanksgiving Day, and so I thought I should give thanks.

I can not say how grateful I am for my wonderful pets. It is a privilege for me (and all Doms) to have awesome people submit to us. I am extremely grateful for the people who choose to submit to me and allow me to create fun experiences for them.

I am also grateful for all the people who encourage me every day. I’ve had kind of a rough life, but I have been very lucky to have many wonderful people who come together in my life to help me and to give me happiness and hope. To all of you in my life, thank you for being you!

Today was a good day, and every day is a good day because of the people in my life that make it awesome.