Activity for Talking About Sex


I already posted Part One and Part Two of the lectures I created on talking about sex (for the speaking workshop I was hired to do.)

However, I thought it would be fun to include the activity as well.

After the lectures, each person gets a copy of the handout below. They are not told what will happen after they complete the handout; only that they should try to be honest.

Once everyone finishes the handout, they are randomly paired with someone else in the workshop. They are meant to communicate their answers to the stranger.

This is good practice, and it’s fun to watch too.



Instructions: Please answer the questions below as honestly as you can.

Should you be monogamous or polyamorous:

1.  How would you feel if my partner went out on a date and you were at home alone?

2. How would you feel if my partner developed feelings for another person?

3. How would you feel if my partner decided another relationship was more valuable to him or her, and   therefore moved you from the primary position to a secondary position in their life?

How will you ensure good communication:

4. What rules would be have in place to ensure good communication?

5. Have I considered all the possible consequences?

6. Have I decided what risk level is acceptable to me?

7. Have I decided on a plan to make sure that my risk level is met?

Deciding on what you want:

8. What you are hard limits?

9. What are your soft limits?

10. What are things you are unsure about?

11. Are you sure that you are comfortable with this?

12. Are you sure it is fair to ask your partner for this?

13. What are the things that could go wrong, and are you willing to accept responsibility for those things?