You’re Pretty; Deal With It!


I have slept with several women lately, and talked to many more. I know I have said before that I am kind of a guy, but this fact is never more apparent to me then when I spend a lot of time around women.

For a minute, allow me to speak as the guy I am, and also to use a few generalizations.

Ladies; for the most part, guys don’t see your flaws. I know you think we can see that zit under your make-up or the stretch marks on your thighs, but we really kind of tune that stuff out. We’re not looking at you the way YOU look at you, seeing every imperfection. If you’re a little chubby, we appreciate having something to grab on to. If you’re really skinny, we’ll appreciate your ribs. And for the love of all the gods please believe me when I say; your boobs are perfect, because they are boobs and you let us touch them. We don’t care what size your nipples are. We don’t care if you think they are too big or too small or whatever. I slept with a girl with a third nipple and it didn’t freak me out in the slightest.

Before you argue with me, please take into account something my friend always says: “Sex it’s like pizza. Even if it’s bad, it’s still pretty good.”

I think a lot of times you forget to look at it from a guys’ point of view, so let me help you with that. Guys are the ones who are supposed to do ALL the work in society’s mind. This may be changing. This may become more even with time. I’m not saying it SHOULD be the way it is. I’m just saying, lots of girls won’t walk up and talk to a guy. They expect the guy to ask for their number. And lots of girls expect guys to pay for dates. I’m in Korea right now, where it is customary for a man to take his girlfriend shopping and buy her expensive gifts. And the narrative in society tells us that we do these things for sex.

Now wait! Don’t scream about how all guys want is sex and you’re sick of it. I didn’t say that IS all guys want. I said the narrative in society tells a man he must ask for your number, pay for dates, and initiate sex because it is his job. I am not saying this is true or right. I’m just saying it’s what men are programmed by the world to think, and even people who overcome their programming can still hear the echoes of it in the back of their mind.

So if you’ll just accept that men bear the burden of asking for your number and taking you places, then maybe you can start to see how much more stressful dating is for a man. Even if you try to break this programming and split a check once in awhile, there is always going to be the one girl that calls you cheap for it.

I recently took a girl out. I have no job. I am broke as a joke. And she didn’t ASK me to pay for the meal. But I felt like I had to and so I did. It’s just in my head that I am meant to do that, and I don’t care how stupid it is. I’m the Domme. I’m the alpha. It’s my job to take care of the women I date. I can’t get this out of my head, no matter how modern I am.

Now the other thing is that, after all the dating and such, it eventually comes down to sex. Women do not often initiate sex. They’re pretty shy and worried about if the guy really likes them or not and all this stuff, so they tend to wait and follow the lead of the man.

So put yourself in a man’s shoes. Imagine how many times he’s asked for a phone number and been told to fuck off. Imagine how many dates he’s paid for and how many ideas for dates he’s had to come up with. And of course, don’t forget that there is that pressure to always be horny and want sex, while women are always supposed to be shy and act like they don’t want it. Girls do not often admit to being sexual beings, because society has taught them that is they do, they will be shamed as a slut.

So get through all that garbage to the moment that you finally see a girl naked. You WORKED for that. You took chances for that and you struggled to get to this moment. And trust me, it doesn’t matter if her nipples are big or small or fucking inverted for all I care; you’re excited to see them and touch them! It doesn’t matter if her labia are big or small or if her clit is in a weird spot. It doesn’t matter if she’s skinny or chubby or has birth marks.

Ladies; you are beautiful! And according to the social dialogue that everyone is taught; you are a prize to be struggle and fought for. We will kiss every inch of your soft skin and lick you all over and be excited as hell that you let us do stuff to you, and we will not be critical of your body like you are. I promise.

I know I’ll catch shit for this. I know there will be arguments that not all guys are like that or not all girls are like that. And I do know that this isn’t 100% accurate every time.

Just realize that when you see a girl walking down the street and you think “She shouldn’t wear short shorts with an ass like that” or “Why would she wear that shirt with those shoes” that your internal dialogue is very different from that of a man. While you measure yourself up against her and criticize her hair, her makeup, and her clothes, realize that picking apart those things is NOT something men do.

In the same situation, here is what a guy is probably thinking: “I’d hit that.”

And that’s all there is to that.

I’ll say it every day if I have to. You are beautiful. All of you. Your boobs are great. Your pussy is awesome. Your hair smells nice and your clothes are pretty. If you really want to know what a guy is thinking when you think you look fat or greasy or sweaty or gross; he’s probably thinking that you’re hot. Deal with it.

And because it seems to fit here, an old favorite: (Because honestly girls: Doesn’t matter; had sex!)