Happy New Year 2019!


Hey there kinky folks! Somehow it’s already 2019. I know it’s cliche, but the older I get, the faster the years fly by. It seems insane that it’s only one more year until we’re in the 20’s!

Anyway, I want to apologize for not being very good at upkeep last year. I only answered about half of my fan mail (sorry to you all because usually I respond to everyone- even the creepy guys.) I also haven’t been to good at writing posts.

It was a very busy year in 2018, and I traveled a lot. In 2019, I hope to stay on the island for the entire year and just get stuff done.

Anyway, I hope that you have a fabulous 2019! And, I hope I find some kinky fun in Oahu to write about.

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New Year’s Resolution

I have no idea what this penis is trying to tell me, but it looks serious...

I have no idea what this penis is trying to tell me, but it looks serious…


First: Happy New Year’s from the Magically Delicious Super Slut!

I really hate New Year’s Resolutions. With that said, I am going to make one anyway.

I started this blog a few months ago because a few people insisted that I should write about my experiences in the community. At the time, I knew nothing at all about blogs and I felt like I had nothing at all to say.

Over time I have become more comfortable with it- though I am still not sure what this blog is really for or what it is about.

Anyway my resolution is to post one entry a week, and for that entry to be posted on Monday. I feel like all the good bloggers choose a day and stick to it, so I will try to do that.

Also, I will try to figure out what this blog is about. I can’t promise anything about that. I imagine I’ll keep writing sexy entries and memories and tips all jumbled together. One step at a time…

On a personal note for those who follow me: I did finally take the virgin and it was fun. I think this is why I am the only one of my friends my age that doesn’t have wrinkles yet. Feeling old? Take one virgin and call me in the morning…