Political Slut



I don’t usually get personal or political on here, because this is a blog about kink and our wonderful worldwide community.

However, as some of you know, I was born in the United States. I haven’t always lived there, but I do still hold a US passport.

And, as much as I hesitate to discuss politics in a forum such as this, I want to just say my piece about it, and I will ask you to forgive me because for more than three years I have worked tirelessly to provide you with good content to help you learn about kink. Allow me this one indulgence because in my country, it is an election year.


We increasingly live in a global community. The Internet allows us to communicate with people half a world away in an instant, and it’s become normal to interact quite often with people outside your geographic location.

As we become more connected, we will always have voices that cry out for isolation, fear of differences, and intolerance.

As kinky people, we are different. We are part of a minority that is often shamed and persecuted. And so, I believe it is out responsibility to stand up whenever we can against the voices that call for hate and fear over tolerance and acceptance.

I know some of you are also US citizens. Many of you will be voting in November. So please, keep this simple thought in mind. No matter how frightening differences may seem, or how worrying the news may be to you, you must keep in mind what we are. We are kinky. We are different. And all minorities like us deserve respect.

Let’s make sure that we are all registered to vote, and that we are all voting against voices that seek to fill us with fear and intolerance. Learn about your Senators, you judges, and your other elected officials. We are not just electing a President, but a new Congress as well. And every elected official who has power over us deserves your scrutiny.


And, because we are electing a President as well, let me paraphrase Penn Jillett for a moment:

In a leader, it’s important to have someone better than ourselves. If you kill my friend, I may want you to be put to death for it. But, in general, I would like to oppose the death penalty because it is barbaric. In a leader, we want someone who exemplifies our highest ideals, because as a society it’s important to always strive to be better, even when that can be very hard on a personal level. 

Let’s keep that in mind, shall we? I think there are a lot of angry people in the US, and that is understandable given the current level of income inequality, lack of access to quality healthcare, and poor education. Of course we are frustrated.

In spite of our frustration, let’s be sure that we are trying to chose people for all our elected positions who exemplify our highest ideals, rather than appealing to the worst in each of us.

Thank you.