Dick Pictures



We have all gotten unwanted dick pictures out of nowhere.

You say “Hi, how are you?”

And they surprise you with an unwanted picture of a small, vein-covered penis.

Guys claim that they do it because they think that we want to see. But we know that’s not true, don’t we? The guys who send surprise penis pictures are trying to assert their dominance over a woman to feel good about themselves, just like the guys who cat call.

It’s like: “Haha, you looked at my dick! I own your eyeballs you slut.”


A lot of this can be blamed on online dating, because of course, very few men used to flash their penises on first dates back when I was young.

Online dating is a real mixed bag.

It’s good, because you can more easily find someone who shares your interests. However it’s also bad, because anonymity can make some people into real assholes.

If someone has never met you in person, it can seem easier to spam your inbox with dick pictures. They don’t know you, so if you are offended, then who cares? You’re not a person yet.


On the other hand, it’s more than just online dating and increased anonymity, in my opinion. There are some real issues that we are facing as a culture.

One example is how dating happens these days. We used to have a formula for it in the form of “courting.” There were set expectations and everyone knew what part they were supposed to play.

And yet, courting was inherently sexist, and so it died a slow death as feminism took hold and women started to get rights and become full citizens.

We still haven’t replaced it with anything.

“Netflix and Chill” is not dating. It’s just an excuse to hook up without the trouble of going to a club (because after all, Millennials are poor.)

I can’t help but feel like everyone, both men and women, are frustrated now. We don’t have a formula for how to relate to each other, and we’re all just muddling through trying to figure it out. That’s not easy for anyone, and frustrated people do rude things like sending unsolicited penis pictures to strangers.

On top of that, there has been a switch from socializing in person at coffee shops and clubs to socializing online.

I am not saying that social media is bad. I really like social media! And, I think that it’s wonderful to be able to easily keep in touch with my friend in Pakistan or my friends in Korea.

However, some people don’t combine social media with actual social interaction. They become detached and distant from other people, and that makes them angry. These angry, detached people sometimes become something horrible: Men’s Rights Activists.

Basically, men’s rights activists think that they are at war with women (who are evil and only want to steal from them.) They do things like pose as interested suitors online, and then send dick pictures or say awful things. They plan dates, and then don’t show up. They actively try to hurt women for fun, and then they brag about it in online forums.

This is a problem we all need to take seriously, because we are in this life together and we need each other. Human beings are companionable animals. It’s important for men and women to fall in love, and to find happiness. Sowing the seeds of discord only lessens the potential joy of us all.

So the next time you get an unwanted penis picture, maybe don’t say “Ew, fuck off!”

Ask why they sent it. Try to talk to them (but not in person.) Let’s remember that “the battle of the sexes” was a ridiculous thing dreamed up by generations of the past. There is no need for us to carry it on.