BDSM Acceptance


Having been in the community a long time, a great many of the people that I have met like to live the lifestyle 24/7. Ropes under clothes at work. Giving their submissives permission to eat, dictating how they dress, etc…

I have always thought that lifestyle was fascinating (your whole life basically becomes about sex) but I have simply never had time to consider such a thing. The nature of me as a person is to stay busy. There is nothing at all I can do to change the fact that I tend to have a LOT going on in my life other than sex. That is not to say that sex is not important- only to say that I can’t help being busy with lots and lots of things.


Still, I respect the people who are into BDSM in public, or who are “out” in real life, or who live the lifestyle all the time. Sometimes I wish I could do that, too.

Due to a few articles I have read recently, I have realized that it is those folks who are “out” in real life and who play all the time that are fighting for the acceptance of BDSM in the mainstream. It is them who are fighting for MY rights. And I really appreciate it. It makes me feel almost ashamed to hide my whips in the closet when my husband’s friends come over.

So props to the kids who devote all their time to BDSM and pushing BDSM rights and acceptance. I admire you all.