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Gear Ties

Gear Ties


I like rope as much as the next person, but sometimes it takes too much time. That’s why I love these Gear Ties I discovered awhile ago. They’re metal with a soft rubber outside, and they work so well for tying a person quickly.

If you’re really into rope then I guess they might not be your thing. And leather cuffs are prettier if you’re worried about that. Of course the best is some awesome bondage furniture to play on with leather straps. BUT if you can’t get any of those things, some of these works great!

From the Other Side

Rope is always a good start to a night.


I am not a trusting person. For me, this is terrifying. And yet, it’s an experience I want to have. I try to prepare myself by sitting in a submissive pose, with my shoulders hunched down and my legs crossed and hidden under the chair. I make myself as small as I can, and as my body leads, my mind follows. I begin to feel more submissive; more ready for this experience.

He comes into my house looking serious and businesslike. He uses a commanding voice, and tells me to strip. I stand meekly, with my eyes lowered to the floor. He watches me intently as I take my clothes off, so I feel more shy doing it.

When I finish, he lets me stand there naked for awhile before he speaks.

“On your knees,” he says.

He grabs my hair then, and wraps it around his hand so he can hold me still.

“What do you want, slut?” he asks.

“Only to please you, Master,” I reply quickly.

He pulls harder on my hair, and I let a gasp escape my lips.

“I enjoy the sound that my hand makes when it slaps your ass,” he says. “Come bend over this chair.”

It’s a recliner-style chair. The back is padded, and I think my master is kind to give me something soft to lean over for support. As I bend over, I feel terrified. The fear of pain is often worse than the actual pain. I think I tremble a little. The chair is vinyl and it is cold against my skin. I feel very exposed as I stand there naked, bent over, with my ass in the air. He runs his hands softly over my ass, letting my tension build.

“When I hit you, you must thank me and ask for more,” he says.

I find this very humiliating. When he hits me, I will want to beg him to stop. So of course, he is going to make me thank him and ask for more. He knows how hard it will be for me, and I think he is wicked.

It comes suddenly. Thwack! It stings so much! I want to cry out. I want to tell him to stop. I want to tell him I changed my mind and I don’t want to try being submissive. I want my power back! Yet I am stubborn too, and I know I should be able to bear up to the night I asked for.

“Thank you, Master” I manage to say. “May I please have another?”

“Why yes, you nasty little whore, you certainly may,” he says. He sounds so sadistic!

It continues for what feels like forever. He hits me harder and harder. I have to beg him for more. Every time I ask him to hit me again, it feels more humiliating than the last. It hurts so much my eyes are stinging as the tears come; completely against my will. I don’t cry! Yet, here I am blinking away tears.

I hear my voice break the next time I say “Thank you, Master. May I please have another?”

He grabs my hair and pulls my head back roughly.

“No, you may not,” he says harshly. “You may see how purple your ass is. Go into the bathroom now and look at it.”

I do as I am told, though it is hard to walk. In the bathroom, I turn enough to see my ass in the mirror. It is very purple, and somehow seeing it makes it hurt that much worse. He comes in and laughs at me, as I stand in front of the mirror looking at my bruised ass and crying.

“You are so easy to break,” he says. “But I’m far from done with you. You have a long night ahead of you. Get kneel on the yoga mat in the living room.”

I obey, and he stands over me. He unzips his pants, take his cock out, and shoves it in my mouth without any kind of warm-up or a word of warning. He grabs the sides of my head and holds on tight, and he fucks my face hard. I feel him inside my throat, and it hurts. I can only breath when he slides out, so I gasp then. When he thrusts in, I choke and gag and struggle. He doesn’t stop or even ask if I am okay. He just keeps fucking my face while I struggle and the tears keep running down my face.

Finally, he pulls out and cums on my face. I feel his cum sprinkle onto my skin and mix with the sweat and tears. He laughs at me.

“You look like such a pathetic little whore,” he tells me. “Now, don’t even think about getting up. I want you to smear my cum around on your face. Mix it up with your sweat and tears. I want to see you all sticky and dirty like the nasty little whore you are. Tell me how much you love to be my little slut.”

I reach up and rub my face, feeling the sticky wet mess all over my cheeks.

“Thank you for honouring this slut with your cum, Master,” I whisper. “I am so grateful that you let me please you with my mouth. I hope I have made you happy.”

He laughs. “Oh, not yet,” he says. “I am not nearly finished with you. I told you that you were in for a long night. When I am done enjoying how you look with cum and tears all over your pretty little face, I plan to rape you with random things in your apartment. Do you think your tight little cunt can handle a beer bottle? Because, I want to shove one up inside you. You’re not good enough for my cock, but I think I’ll enjoy fucking your cunt and your little asshole with some things I find in your house.”

I am afraid now. It sounds so painful. What if he hurts me? Can a beer bottle tear my pussy?

He starts looking around my house- and then he finds it. My toy box is under the couch. It’s where I keep my strap-on to fuck my pet, as well as all my whips and chains and toys.

“Jackpot,” he says.

He looks through the box, occasionally asking me if I like this toy or that toy. He tells me he will shove every one of them inside me. I feel myself getting more and more tense. I also feel his cum drying on my face. It’s itchy, and I want to scratch, but I know that would make him angry. I feel very humiliated  there on my knees watching him look through my toys, while his cum is drying on my face.

He finds my rope. He tells me to lay on my back on my table, and he starts to tie me up. He binds my hands and feet. He binds my breasts, until they ache from the ropes around them. They swell, and he seems to enjoy that. He puts nipple clamps on my nipples, and they swell as well. I find myself completely bound on my table, with my legs spread wide, tied to my arms. I am wide open, and I can’t help being afraid with my pussy and asshole to exposed.

As if reading my thoughts, he pulls one of the biggest dildoes out of my toy box. He slaps me across the face with it. It stings, but it also helps the itchiness. I try not to let on that I liked it a little.

“Why don’t you get it wet?” he says as he shoves it in my mouth. It’s huge, and it doesn’t really fit, but he forces it. “Lick it. Spit on it you little slut!”

When it’s wet, he walks around the table and looks at me. He slaps my pussy hard, and I squeak involuntarily. I think he will fuck me in my pussy then, and I am wet in spite of myself. I am dripping, in fact. I actually start to ache with how much I want it. But he doesn’t give it to me like I think he will. Instead, he suddenly shoves the huge, black dildo deep into my ass.

The pain is intense. The dildo is wide, and I feel my asshole stretch as it is filled up. He laughs at my surprise, and he sounds to vicious. He starts fucking me with it, hard. I feel it slam in and out of me, and it feels good even as it hurts. Because I am on my back, some of the wetness from my pussy drips down, so at least there is enough lube for what he is doing.

Then, he shoves it is and gets a scarf. He ties it around me in such a way that it is holding the dildo in my ass.

“Get ready for my fist,” he says.

I am not ready, but he doesn’t seem to care. He starts by plunging three fingers in. He works them in and out a few times.

“You are so wet,” he says. “You like being fucked in the ass, don’t you? You nasty little whore. You LOVE a big cock in your ass. Look how wet you are! A dripping cunt doesn’t lie. You are loving this. What a little slut you are!”

He adds another finger. Now he is fucking me with four fingers. He closes his hand together and adds his thumb. As his whole fist shoves inside of me, I scream and try desperately to squirm away. It is so painful that I can’t stand it and I beg him to stop. I don’t say my safeword though, so he keeps his fist inside me. He starts to move it in and out, in and out. I feel like i am being torn in half. I’ve forgotten all about my safeword. I scream and beg and tears well up in my eyes again. I am overwhlmed, and I feel the muscles in my strain. In spite of the scarf, the dildo is pushed out of my ass.

“You naught girl,” he says. “I wanted you totally filled and you pushed the dildo out of you. Oh… I am going to have to punish you for that.”

He withdraws. Then he comes back with a whip. Before I know what is happening, he is whipping my pussy and my tits. He does it so hard that the welts raise immediately  He doesn’t even tell me to thank him, he just hits me while I scream.

When he stops, I am covered in welts. He unties me. He tells me to get to get on my knees. He tells me to bow down all the way to the floor and lick his feet. Does he really expect me to do this?!? Feet are so gross!  I feel like I am going to break a lot of boundaries tonight…


Sensory Deprivation 101

I love this blindfold and will make my next submissive wear it!

Before I start, I’d like to remind you all that these are just techniques that I use, and they don’t necessarily work for everyone. I’m just here to give you ideas- but no one said I am right.

Quote: “Can you speak up- I don’t have my glasses on.” My friend said this to me, and as silly as it sounds, it made perfect sense to me. She was having trouble hearing me because she couldn’t see, and her body was freaking out and being confused. She felt helpless. That helpless feeling is a step in the right direction to putting someone into subspace.

First, let’s talk about blindfolding your partner. This can be difficult. It’s not always easy to find a blindfold that will fit your partner. However, there are many advantages to having someone unable to see. Sight is something we depend on a great deal. Without it, a submissive can’t always tell where I am, or what toy I am about to use on them. I find many submissives enjoy that feeling of suspense.

So what are some good things to do when a submissive can’t see you? I’ll be honest- I’m somewhat of a sadist. I like to hurt them in ways they didn’t see coming. It’s fun to hear someone gasp when they’ve just been bitten on the nipple completely unexpectedly. It’s fun to see someone squirm in pain when they’ve been spanked unexpectedly. Again, that’s just me.

You might choose to be more sensual with it. Feathers are good to tease people, as well as ice cubes, and knives. (Please use the dull side to avoid accidentally cutting your sub when they jump or get startled!)

In addition to blindfolds, there are lots of other ways to deny your partner the senses they depend on. I enjoy using a gag, because even if someone does not usually speak, there is a big difference between choosing not to speak and not being able to speak (taking away choices can be sexy). I’d like to caution people though: Non-verbal safe words are very important. Make sure you talk to your partner about a way for them to signal that they are unhappy (yellow light) and a way to signal that they want to end the scene (red light).

On that note, I am going to get up on a soap box for one minute because I had a conversation with someone that made me need to express this often and assertively: It is okay to use a safe word. It’s not a failure. It’s not being a bad sub. If you want me to stop, say so! I think all responsible Dominant-types are always perfectly happy to stop whatever they are doing immediately if their partner wishes it- no matter what. There should never be disappointment associated with using a safe word. It’s a learning experience and those are important.

Sorry. I’m climbing down off my soap box now. Back to tips and tricks for gagging your partner. Once you establish a non-verbal safe word such as the stiffening of the spine or the tapping on a foot on the ground, then you’re ready to gag your submissive. Some people really like to get creative with this. They like to use their sub’s underwear as a gag, or some other found object in a house. I personally use a ball gag, because I am lazy. Toys made for the purpose are easier than improvised toys, in my humble opinion. That is just a matter of personal taste.

For me, it’s much easier to play with verbal degradation when my sub is gagged. I feel like, even if they wouldn’t talk back while their mouth was unobstructed, it’s easier for me to tell them what a dirty little fuck-toy they look like while they are unable to respond. I also enjoy flogging more when my sub is gagged, because they can’t really scream properly. The same goes for pegging. It’s much more fun when they make those strangled, helpless noises through their nose because they can’t call out. (Also, the neighbors probably appreciate it.)

Obviously I’ve talked before about rope, and that is another good way to take some of your submissive’s freedom. Not letting them touch you (particularly when they are bound) can be very intense. It lets you be in control of every touch that happens between you. No matter how much they want to reach out for you, they can not.

Of course, you can combine these various things, and have fun with them in various ways. It’s a lot of fun to keep a submissive’s blindfold on the whole time they are at your house, for example. So, when they want to go pee, they will have to feel their way around while you watch and chuckle (but keep an eye on them!). You can even leave them gagged and blindfolded, only letting their hands and feet free. Feeding someone while they are blindfolded is interesting, too.

At any rate, remember that the bottom line is always safety. Never forget to be attentive to your sub and always check often that they are okay. Also remember that respect is key. Have respect for the people who are willing to submit to you, and treat them well.

Things to keep in mind about rope

Silk Rope

Here is some silk rope from Twisted Monk.

So I was talking about rope with someone, and I realized that is something I should write about.

First, I recommend hemp. I prefer the feel of silk rope and I have some coils of it right now, but it tends to unravel around the edges after a few years. Hemp is stronger and holds together better.

You only really need rope if you’re doing some fancy stuff, because I use kimono ties for light bondage and that’s fine. If you just want to tie someone up, almost anything will do. But if you want to get serious about making it look cool or about doing a rope suspension, then you need some good rope.

As to where you should get it, please don’t just go to a hardware store and try to find some! Pick up the good stuff, or you’ll regret it later. I recommend Twisted Monk, as they have loads of great rope and rope resources. Whatever you use, please be careful and keep something on hand to cut the rope with in case your submissive freaks out. I would highly recommend you get a rescue hook (see picture below).

This is good because you slide it under the rope and cut out, so it’s impossible to cut your submissive while untying them. They’re not very expensive and they’re handy tools when you need to end a scene quickly.

Climbing rescue hook

Used mostly by climbers who need to free themselves from a tangled line, this is what you want when you need to free a submissive quickly.

Another thing to keep in mind about rope is to never go too tight. It’s like breath play: You really should be careful because you don’t want to permanently damage your submissive. So please remember to be safe when playing with rope, okay kids?