Paying for Sex



My European friends (and many of my Asian friends) will argue that there is nothing wrong with having sex with a hooker. To them, it is a well-established industry with girls who choose to have sex for money. They do not see it as inherently wrong.

As a side note; they do laugh at the idea of strip clubs, (which is a United States invention as far as I can tell.) I haven’t encountered them anywhere else in the world except Mexico, and then mostly in towns along the boarder where people from the US can go to them. The rest of the world seems puzzled at the idea of paying a woman to tease you.

Point is; I imagine most of my readers are from the United States of America. That means they think naked girls teasing you is fine, but having sex with them is dirty. I don’t know how the line came to be drawn there. I am certainly not agreeing or disagreeing about where a country draws its lines about the sex industry. I just want to say in the disclaimer that I do not think hookers are “bad.”

05_Flatbed_1 - NOVEMBER

However, this story took place when I was 19 and going through a bad breakup, and no one should do any of the things in it. I am only writing about it because someone told me that paying girls to have sex is a somewhat common fetish, and of the two hookers I have slept with, this is the one that is easier to talk about.

The story begins with me and some friends driving down to Mexico one hot summer day. We were headed for a beach, and hoping to get into some trouble if we could. I think when you are 19, trouble is your idea of fun. It was myself and four guys I knew. Also, there was one girlfriend along for the ride. We were in a huge SUV.

That night we went from strip club to strip club. But of course, in Mexico they’re not exactly “strip clubs” like in the USA because they are not regulated by the government. That means the girls can choose to quote you a price for anything you might want, and you can choose to pay it. In Mexico prostitution is technically illegal. However, they were having trouble at the time with the Federal police doing more extorting of the government than actual police work. So, the laws were more like suggestions at that time.


Anyway, one of the boys I was with gave one of the strippers a large sum of money to have sex with me. He did not tell me this in advance. I had no idea what was going on when a very attractive Latino girl walked up to me completely naked and started to kiss me. I was drunk, baffled, and pretty amused. After a bad break up, a hot girl coming onto you even in dubious circumstances is sort of welcome. (Also, I had the judgement of a 19-year-old.)

Because we had been at the beach all day, I was in a bikini and a hip wrap. At first she didn’t mess with my clothes much, other than to stick her hand inside my bikini bottom and start playing with my clit.

I guess I could have stopped her, but there is a sort of natural response that happens to a person who likes women, and who is confronted with a naked woman trying to arouse them. I really didn’t think too far into what was going on or why. I just sort of leaned back and let her play with me. She moved my bikini top out of my way to suck on my nipples. kissed my neck, and caressed me all over. Eventually she moved my bikini bottom out of the way and started to lick me.

After about 10 minutes of this, I felt myself getting close and I started to scream. Then, I had this amazing orgasm that lasted for what seemed like forever. I remember looking down at her and seeing her smile, as though she was very pleased with herself.

However, it’s after the orgasm that the alcohol clears out of your brain and the arousal goes away, and suddenly things become very clear. Here is what I saw:

I had been on a chair in the corner of the bar, behind a table. Someone had moved the table, and a whole lot of people were staring at me. Oops! Not my first time having sex in front of people I guess, but certainly my first time doing it in public. I slunk out of the bar shortly after, as you would imagine.