Getting Someone Into Kink

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Question: How do I get my significant other into kink?

I got a lot of questions over the holiday season from readers that went something like this:

“I got my wife a bunch of kink toys for Christmas. How do I get her to use them with me? She’s not into kink, but I want her to be.”

After sighing deeply and feeling extremely sorry for those women, I wrote back to say the following:

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First, put the sex toys in the closet and go buy your wife something she actually wanted. It is the height of assholery to buy someone else a present that is actually for you. If you think that is okay, then you are a bad person and you should not be allowed to date until you figure out how to be less selfish.

Okay, so now that we have that out of the way, how do you get someone to be interested in kink?

Well, you need to stop talking in terms of your own wants, and start talking in terms of the other person’s wants.

Remember that changing the behavior of another person means that you have to appeal to them. Trying to force someone to do something because you want it only leads to resentment down the road (which is how you ruin your relationship in slow motion.)

So, ask your partner what they want. Then listen. Then build on it.

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Unfortunately this advice has been misunderstood by others. I thought it was pretty straightforward, but it turns out that I was wrong. So let me be very explicit this time:

Take your partner to dinner. Take them home and have considerate and loving sex with them. Make sure they have an orgasm. (Which, as I have said before, does not happen from just penetration so use your tongue or a vibrator on her clit for that to happen.)

After sex when you are laying in the dark basking in the glow of happy feelings that you get after sex, ask them about their fantasies. Probe them gently about what they think about when they are alone. Do they think any toys sound interesting? Are they curious about the stuff from that book that all women read that was a shitty representation of BDSM but which did involve some spanking and whipping?  Have they ever wondered about what other things you two might be able to do?

No matter what they ask for: Say YES!

This is so important. If your significant other asks you to fist them, or have a threesome with a guy, or anything at all, you say yes and you do it. Never ever tell them “no” about their sexual fantasies or they will not share more. Say “yes,” and then do whatever they asked you to do.

The reason for this is that sex is a rabbit hole. Once you start to experiment, it just keeps going. If your partner tries something they dreamed of and it makes them happy, then they will feel like fantasies really can come true. This will lead to other fantasies. In time, the experimentation will lead to more and more “hard core” things, and soon you will be able to take those toys you bought out of the closet and she will be excited to try them.

Now, I wrote back saying this to the men who asked me. You would think they would say: “Thank you for the advice.” However, you would be wrong. To a man, they told me that I was wrong, and that their wife/partner was perfectly happy with the boring sex they always have. One guy actually said to me:

“My wife was a virgin when we met and she is totally satisfied right now with the sex that we are having. She always has been. It’s just me that is bored.”

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All I can say is:

You are lying to yourself, but that doesn’t mean I like it when you lie to me.

Your wife is bored. She is bored out of her goddamn mind. I know this because studies have shown that women get bored with sex far quicker than men do. In one study, men were asked if they still enjoyed having sex with their wives. They mostly said that they never got tired of fucking their wives, and even though they might have fantasized about variety from time to time, it did not mean that they didn’t want to keep fucking their wives.

Actually it comes up again and again. In studies of why men cheat, they always say that it is not because they stopped loving their wife, or that they stopped wanting to have sex with her. They simply wanted variety. However, they still wanted to fuck their wives.

The same is not true for women. Women get bored very easily. This may be down to biology. It has been suggested that all women want to be gang-banged by as many men as possible so that the best sperm can win and create the best offspring. Or, it may simply be down to men being bad at sex (not knowing how to get a woman off and joking about the “myth of the female orgasm.”)

Many women do say that they didn’t know how to tell their husband that they were stick of him pounding away and then going “Did you cum?” After all, of course they didn’t! That is not how women get off. Some of the poor dears don’t even know how they get off, and they think an orgasm is just “feeling nice” so they imagine that they have had one. I have talked to these women and tried to explain that, “No sweety, you are supposed to have a climax just like your husband. It’s not a ‘good feeling’ at all. It’s an orgasm. It’s an amazing feeling.”

Whatever the case, women initiate nearly 70% of all divorces now, and leading psychologists theorize that this is due to a lack of sexual satisfaction which makes them feel like they have “fallen out of love” with their husbands. In many cases, they really haven’t fallen out of love; they are just sick of having bad sex. Many women who initiate divorces say “My vibrator actually gets me off, and it doesn’t expect me to do its laundry.

I would suggest that men are in denial. They watch porn and have a false idea of how women achieve orgasm, and this is the main reason (in my experience) that women initiate most divorces.


The point: No, your wife is not “perfectly satisfied.” It takes a lot more to satisfy a woman than it does to satisfy a man (which is why I got lazy and married a man.) Your wife will never be perfectly satisfied, which is why you need to constantly work to keep things interesting if you want to keep her.

I have been extremely interested over the last 30 years or so as I watched the entire discussion around marriage shift. It used to be something that women wanted, and men didn’t. Now there is new research showing that, due to the societal expectations placed on women in marriage, it is no longer desirable to them. They are expected to work full-time jobs, and still do most of the housework and childcare. They are expected to give up their identity by taking their husband’s name, and also give that name to any children they have (even though they literally make those children inside their own bodies.)

Women have started reading about how other cultures do not force women to take their husband’s names, and cultures where children belong to the women without question, since she makes them. They are reading about sperm cells made from their own bone marrow, meaning that men are no longer necessary to have children at all. And, they are realizing that boyfriends bring over flowers and chocolate, while husbands snore and make a mess.

This is probably why women who are married are less healthy, and why they report lower levels of happiness than their single counterparts.

Meanwhile, married man lived longer and reported higher levels of happiness.

I was so shocked by the guy who said that his wife was “perfectly satisfied” and I actually still haven’t written back. I was just so blown away by the level of denial that he was in, and by the absolute lack of understanding of his place in a changing society.

Side Note: When I married my husband he was pretty boring in bed, too. Don’t take it from me, because he will admit it as well. I painstakingly trained him over the course of about a year. And now, when I whore him out to my friends, they don’t have enough nice things to say. It’s wonderful when people appreciate your hard work, isn’t it? So ladies, please train men instead of throwing them away after faking an orgasm. If we all work together, we CAN teach them how to stop sucking in bed.  

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So listen up, men:

Statistically speaking, your wife likely dreams of being fucked by man after man in an endless succession. She probably dreams about each of them going down on her and licking the cum of the previous man away while stimulating her clit until she comes again and again (because we can have multiple orgasms.)

She probably thinks she is falling out of love with you every time she starts to get bored in bed because you are just sticking your cock in, pumping until you get off, and then falling asleep. And, according to statistics, it is more likely that she will end up leaving you than that you will ever leave her.

Your wife probably has more fantasies than you do about a wider variety of things, and she probably read 50 Shades of Grey and wanted someone to spank her, whip her, and eat her out like it was their job even while she was on her period.

Please stop acting like your wife could not possibly be bored.

AND, you are a shitbag if you get her sex toys that you want for Christmas. Buy her some damn jewelry and give her the sex toys only when she brings them up. And stop writing to me and saying stuff that makes me absolutely shocked at how shitty most men are.

Side note: My husband, on the other hand, would prefer that you keep writing to me saying shitty things that prove how clueless most men can be. He knows that as long as you keep making all other men look like complete jackoffs, I will keep being grateful to have him. 



If you Google “Boyfriend” the first thing that comes up is a happy couple where the women looks like she is in love.



If you Google “husband” you get a women trying to talk to a man and him looking annoyed. This is because we all know that many women get unhappy in marriages.


They’re Tied Up: What now?

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Pre-Scene Ritual

So first, there are pre-scene things you should do. I have written about them before. They are things like discussing scene ideas with your partner, making a welcoming setting with music and toys laid out, and attending to personal grooming such as cutting finger nails and filing off the rough edges. Particularly when bringing in a new person who wasn’t into kink, I recommend a BDSM checklist as part of your pre-scene preparations.

Over time, these pre-scene things often become a ritual which helps you to get into the right head space for kink. Getting into the right head space is really important, so focus on making your pre-scene ritual a time when you gear up for what you want to do.

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For most submissives, some sort of restraint is required to get them into their head space. So, you’ll want to consider your options. You can always go quick and dirt and tie someone up with gear ties. They are great on a budget and they are really effective. I use them a lot, because even after 20 years in the scene, I am not trying to be fancy.

That’s just me. You do you. But there is sometimes beauty in simplicity.


If you want to put more effort into the restraints part, you can buy cuffs and clips and go that route. There are lots of different kinds of restraints if you are willing to spend the money. Spreader bars can be used between cuffs, as well as chains. And you can always clip the cuffs directly to one another if you feel like making your sub into a pretzel for a little while.

You might go all out and make or buy furniture to attach cuffs to. Spanking benches, stocks, and St. Andrew’s Crosses can all be fun. Of course, furniture can also be extremely pricey and take up a lot of space. It’s hard to hide from children, too. Because of this, furniture isn’t for everyone.

If you can’t have furniture at home, remember to look up local dungeons online. You may find that there is somewhere within driving distance where you can try out a sex swing, cross, or spanking bench.

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If you want to be really, really fancy, you can learn shibari and make tying your sub up a prominent part of the scene. This works fine all on its own, or it can be done in conjunction with installing hard points around the house to suspend your sub from or to tie them to.

Remember that shirabi can be dangerous and you can really hurt people if you do it wrong, so learn from competent professionals online or at your local dungeon.

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Scene Ideas: Orgasms

Once your sub is restrained in the method of your choosing, you can move on to other things. If your sub is a girl, I highly recommend that you start with orgasms. People can withstand a lot more pain if they are in a state of arousal. Personally, I am not lucky enough to be one of those girls that can get off from vibration. We’re all different and that is just my cross to bear. And, since fingers are too rough, I require direct clitoral stimulation with a tongue.

Some of my favorite scenes where I was the submissive started with a few orgasms from some very devoted boys who had talented tongues. God bless all the fabulous boys and girls who love to eat pussy. You are the real heroes.

If your girl is lucky enough to get off from vibration, you have options! There are lots of vibrators on the market. However, just skip them all and get the magic wand. I have played with a lot of girls, and I know that it’s a matter of force. The magic wand has the most force behind it, and therefore it does the best job. I know some men get hung up on big vibrators (“It’s bigger than my dick and I don’t like that.”) But just get over it because her orgasms aren’t about you.

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Remember: Unlike men, women only need a minute or two in between orgasms. So you only need to take a brief pause instead of a 20 minute rest.

If your sub is a boy, you don’t want to let him have an orgasm. Men cum, and then they wilt. It’s really boring. That doesn’t mean you can’t tease him. You can! But if you let him have an orgasm, that will probably require a long pause in the scene or be the end of it.

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Scene Ideas: Impact Play

There are lots of different things that you can use for impact play. Be creative if need be! A wooden spoon from the kitchen is a totally valid toy for impact play, as are books in place of paddles. If you are on a budget or if you are traveling, you can use anything.

I have some homemade toys, which were gifts from people (because DIY BDSM can be fun.) For example, I have a ping pong paddle given to us by friends. They covered it with a plastic material with the word “Pet” cut out of it, because that is what I call my husband. They also gave us a homemade whip which is from a material that looks like faux alligator skin.


I go for simple with restraints. I like gear ties. However, when it comes to impact play, I love my whips and floggers. I think for me, the look of the toys themselves is one of my fetishes. I love the way a flogger looks draped over a chair. I love the way it looks being slowly dragged across someone’s skin. I love the way it looks flying through the air. They are beautiful toys, and from the first time I saw my first flogger, I have been totally hooked.

Remember that with whips and floggers, a steady pace and a figure eight motion is best. Start slow and gradually build intensity over time. With paddles you can also build intensity, or you can go hard and take breaks in between.

The key is really to watch your sub. I had a girl who wanted me to straight-out beat on her for as long as I could with a flogger. The harder, the better. I hit her until my arms were sore and she begged for more. However, some subs are more into the suspense than the actual pain. For them, you want to pause a lot to let them absorb the fact that they are restrained and being hit, and let them enjoy it. It’s often more the idea than the pain, so keep that in mind.

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Scene Ideas: Pushing Your Sub

You also want to do things to push the limits of your submissive. This can mean face-fucking them until they cry. It can mean tightening the nipple clamps until they scream. It can mean working your way from inserting a finger to inserting your entire fist. Get a violet wand and electrocute them in various sensitive areas.

Your goal as a Dominant is to put your submissive into sub space. The restraints are a good start, and so are all the other toys and play. But in the end, you are probably going to need to push their limits in some way in order to really push them into the head space that they want to see.

Remember: You should never push them beyond the boundaries that you have agreed on in your scene negotiations. If they say “no fisting” then you don’t do it. 

However, within the boundaries that your sub has set, it is good to push them as much as you can so that they feel properly abused.

This can mean different things to different people, so you may want to Google and go through lists with your sub and talk about new and different ideas.

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Scene Ideas: Untie Your Sub

Of course the stereotype for BDSM is tying people up and hitting them. It’s what they write about in all the books. However, anything at all can be kinky if you do it in a kinky head space. You may untie your sub and tell them to serve you a glass of lemonade because you need a break. As long as they get the glass, pour the lemonade, and present it to you in the mindset of a sub, it’s still part of the scene. In fact, service-oriented subs often love the chance to make you a sandwich, pour you a drink, serve you your food, and then rub your feet while you eat.

Don’t be bound by the restraints. I know it’s easy to get that way if you learned about kink from popular culture. However, kink is a mindset. Anything at all can be kinky if you make it that way.

Order your sub to kneel for you so you can use them as a foot stool while you watch TV. Order them to rub your feet. Order them to do the helicopter with their penis if they are a boy, or to bounce their boobs for you if they are a girl. Whatever you can think of that would be degrading to them can be fun.

Some people prefer to call this “training,” (as in teaching your sub how to crawl around.) I think this has been built up a lot in books, but it’s not everyone’s fantasy. Personally, I find it to be cumbersome and not as interesting as watching a girl cum over and over or watching a boy squirm while I hit him. However, some subs read a lot of Anne Rice and really want to be “trained.” So, that is another “off leash” activity, if you will pardon the borrowing of a dog-training expression.

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Scene Ideas: Talk

Remember that falling into silence is often the mark of a lazy Dom. Most subs prefer you to talk to them. For example, if you are torturing them by stretching them wide open, maybe narrate as you do.

“Oh look, now I have three fingers in your tight little pussy. I bet you like that, you little slut. And now we’re up to four fingers. Do you like that? Oooo, now I have my whole fist inside of you. I bet you love being stretched open like the whore that you are.”

That kind of thing can help to  make a sub feel like they are being included in the scene. Sometimes a sub can disassociate and disengage (so it’s almost like everything is happening to someone else.) Talking to them keeps them with you in the scene, and forces them to confront the things that are happening to them. That can help push them into sub space more quickly.

Now of course, check with your sub about this. Not all of them like to be talked to. Some prefer to disengage from a scene and just let things happen to them. This is why BDSM is not a one-size-fits-all kind of thing where you can use the same moves on everyone. Each person will have different preferences, and part of the fun of kink is learning the ways that new people want to be tortured.


After Care

The most important part is After Care. Make sure that you cuddle your sub after each scene. Let them come down from the endorphins.

Once they are calm, it’s always a good idea to talk though the scene and see how they felt about various parts of it. If they felt really excited by the violet wand, but really turned off by the animal-tail butt plug, you want to know that for next time.

A lot of times I run into guys on or on dating websites who want to just play one scene or just have a one-night stand. This is antithetical to everything kink, in my opinion. A good kink relationship involves getting to know someone and learning to know them. A sub has to get to know me to know the right way to get me off. A have to know them to know the right way to hit them. It all takes time, and learning and negotiating is part of the fun.


What is a play party?

It's not really related, but here is a penis lizard from Samcheok because it made me laugh- so maybe you'll laugh too.

It’s not really related, but here is a penis lizard from Samcheok because it made me laugh- so maybe you’ll laugh too.

I’m planing a play party, and a lot of people have asked me what that entails. I feel like I have come at how to explain it from every angle, and it’s actually really hard to describe since they are different with every organizer. I thought I should write a post about how I like to do things, just as an example for people.

So first thing’s first, a play party is typically where people bring their toys and let people try them, do show-and-tell, or in some way trade information and ideas.

I happen to know a guy who does amazing shibari and has a suspension rig, so all the play parties since I have met him have involved everyone that wants to getting a chance to get suspended. It’s really awesome.

Typically, I try to make my friends that do cool stuff teach what they know. So, if they’re good with rope, they’ll teach some knots. If they’re good at planing scenes, they’ll talk about that. I had one friend who was just amazing at fire play, and that was always fun to watch. Etc…

I also tend to work with people who will be presenting to create a hand-out, because it seems to me that people are less nervous when they get a piece of paper. I guess it makes it seem more official and less like a bunch of creepy kids doing sexual things in a sweaty room.

Everyone always assumes I am trying to set up on orgy when I first invite them to a party. I am never trying to do that. I have only ever had one orgy, and it wasn’t all that great. I prefer one or two people max- because otherwise I get distracted. But never mind that.

The point is- how does one learn about BDSM? Maybe they read blogs and go to and watch videos online. That’s cool. But what happens when that’s not enough any more?  What happens when a person wants to actually see and try things? Well, that’s what a play party is for. I’m not going to claim that I know everything. No one should. Everyone you meet has something that they can teach you. I guess the idea behind a play party is to meet with others in the community and see what they can teach you.

I do demonstrations sometimes, but honestly, I prefer to let other people take the lead. If there is one characteristic of the community that makes me nuts, it’s the way everyone kind of seems to think their way is best. I don’t think my way is best. I think my way is how I do things, and I am happy to let other people do things the way they like. As such, I am always more interested to hear what others have to say.

When I do teach, I tend to give tips on scene negotiation since that is what I am best at. Having worked in a dungeon, I’ve had to talk to people in a frank and blunt way about what they want out of a scene, and then make it happen with the least amount of weird possible (since it was generally with someone I didn’t really know.) That mostly involves asking what they feel the most drawn to in kink, and then building a scene around it.

For example, I had a guy come to me once who was nervous as hell (as they mostly are) and he said he always wanted to be walked like a dog. So then I had to expand on that. That means follow up questions like: Will we play fetch? Shall I pet you and tell you that you are a good dog? Perhaps you would rather I beat you and tell you that you are a bad dog?

When you ask people these types of questions about a fetish they have repressed for a long time, they react in all sorts of unpredictable ways. Some of them giggle nervously and blush. Some get angry out of nowhere. Some are quickly offended because they are expecting judgement. You can never be sure what someone will say when talking about sex. It seems it is the hardest topic to talk about.

So when I do a workshop, I generally focus on talking with people about the idea that sex is not sinful or bad, and about how it’s okay to be frank about what you want. If you want someone to spank you, you have to ask.

I guess my most-used line would be: Those words inside your head? I can’t hear those!

With all that said; a play party will be different with every different person who sets it up. I have been to some where everyone was encouraged to be naked and they all flirted. I have been to some where people had sex in a semi-public setting. I have been to some where people played board games with their clothes on and talked about BDSM eventually- but not much.

The best way to be sure of what you are getting into is to ask. Some good questions to ask an organizer might be:

1. Should I bring toys?
2. Should I plan to take any items of clothing off/ or do people tend to get naked at these parties?
3. Is it mostly couples or single people?
4. What kind of activities can I expect?
5. What kind of clothes will people wear (BDSM or vanilla)?

Of course you should remember that in all settings, pictures are a big no-no. I have never met a group that was okay with cameras. We all have lives and jobs. We have families and/or kids. We can’t run the risk of pictures getting out of us in vinyl or leather at some fetish event.

One last thing I want to mention about play parties: I have set up more than I can count or remember. However, I obviously have never been able to take pictures at an event. That makes it hard when I move, because I have to start all over again with a new crowd of people and build up trust. This drives home an important point: There is no shortcut to trust. In the community we are all a little paranoid so be patient with people. None of us wants to be exposed as kinky without our permission.

From the Other Side

Rope is always a good start to a night.


I am not a trusting person. For me, this is terrifying. And yet, it’s an experience I want to have. I try to prepare myself by sitting in a submissive pose, with my shoulders hunched down and my legs crossed and hidden under the chair. I make myself as small as I can, and as my body leads, my mind follows. I begin to feel more submissive; more ready for this experience.

He comes into my house looking serious and businesslike. He uses a commanding voice, and tells me to strip. I stand meekly, with my eyes lowered to the floor. He watches me intently as I take my clothes off, so I feel more shy doing it.

When I finish, he lets me stand there naked for awhile before he speaks.

“On your knees,” he says.

He grabs my hair then, and wraps it around his hand so he can hold me still.

“What do you want, slut?” he asks.

“Only to please you, Master,” I reply quickly.

He pulls harder on my hair, and I let a gasp escape my lips.

“I enjoy the sound that my hand makes when it slaps your ass,” he says. “Come bend over this chair.”

It’s a recliner-style chair. The back is padded, and I think my master is kind to give me something soft to lean over for support. As I bend over, I feel terrified. The fear of pain is often worse than the actual pain. I think I tremble a little. The chair is vinyl and it is cold against my skin. I feel very exposed as I stand there naked, bent over, with my ass in the air. He runs his hands softly over my ass, letting my tension build.

“When I hit you, you must thank me and ask for more,” he says.

I find this very humiliating. When he hits me, I will want to beg him to stop. So of course, he is going to make me thank him and ask for more. He knows how hard it will be for me, and I think he is wicked.

It comes suddenly. Thwack! It stings so much! I want to cry out. I want to tell him to stop. I want to tell him I changed my mind and I don’t want to try being submissive. I want my power back! Yet I am stubborn too, and I know I should be able to bear up to the night I asked for.

“Thank you, Master” I manage to say. “May I please have another?”

“Why yes, you nasty little whore, you certainly may,” he says. He sounds so sadistic!

It continues for what feels like forever. He hits me harder and harder. I have to beg him for more. Every time I ask him to hit me again, it feels more humiliating than the last. It hurts so much my eyes are stinging as the tears come; completely against my will. I don’t cry! Yet, here I am blinking away tears.

I hear my voice break the next time I say “Thank you, Master. May I please have another?”

He grabs my hair and pulls my head back roughly.

“No, you may not,” he says harshly. “You may see how purple your ass is. Go into the bathroom now and look at it.”

I do as I am told, though it is hard to walk. In the bathroom, I turn enough to see my ass in the mirror. It is very purple, and somehow seeing it makes it hurt that much worse. He comes in and laughs at me, as I stand in front of the mirror looking at my bruised ass and crying.

“You are so easy to break,” he says. “But I’m far from done with you. You have a long night ahead of you. Get kneel on the yoga mat in the living room.”

I obey, and he stands over me. He unzips his pants, take his cock out, and shoves it in my mouth without any kind of warm-up or a word of warning. He grabs the sides of my head and holds on tight, and he fucks my face hard. I feel him inside my throat, and it hurts. I can only breath when he slides out, so I gasp then. When he thrusts in, I choke and gag and struggle. He doesn’t stop or even ask if I am okay. He just keeps fucking my face while I struggle and the tears keep running down my face.

Finally, he pulls out and cums on my face. I feel his cum sprinkle onto my skin and mix with the sweat and tears. He laughs at me.

“You look like such a pathetic little whore,” he tells me. “Now, don’t even think about getting up. I want you to smear my cum around on your face. Mix it up with your sweat and tears. I want to see you all sticky and dirty like the nasty little whore you are. Tell me how much you love to be my little slut.”

I reach up and rub my face, feeling the sticky wet mess all over my cheeks.

“Thank you for honouring this slut with your cum, Master,” I whisper. “I am so grateful that you let me please you with my mouth. I hope I have made you happy.”

He laughs. “Oh, not yet,” he says. “I am not nearly finished with you. I told you that you were in for a long night. When I am done enjoying how you look with cum and tears all over your pretty little face, I plan to rape you with random things in your apartment. Do you think your tight little cunt can handle a beer bottle? Because, I want to shove one up inside you. You’re not good enough for my cock, but I think I’ll enjoy fucking your cunt and your little asshole with some things I find in your house.”

I am afraid now. It sounds so painful. What if he hurts me? Can a beer bottle tear my pussy?

He starts looking around my house- and then he finds it. My toy box is under the couch. It’s where I keep my strap-on to fuck my pet, as well as all my whips and chains and toys.

“Jackpot,” he says.

He looks through the box, occasionally asking me if I like this toy or that toy. He tells me he will shove every one of them inside me. I feel myself getting more and more tense. I also feel his cum drying on my face. It’s itchy, and I want to scratch, but I know that would make him angry. I feel very humiliated  there on my knees watching him look through my toys, while his cum is drying on my face.

He finds my rope. He tells me to lay on my back on my table, and he starts to tie me up. He binds my hands and feet. He binds my breasts, until they ache from the ropes around them. They swell, and he seems to enjoy that. He puts nipple clamps on my nipples, and they swell as well. I find myself completely bound on my table, with my legs spread wide, tied to my arms. I am wide open, and I can’t help being afraid with my pussy and asshole to exposed.

As if reading my thoughts, he pulls one of the biggest dildoes out of my toy box. He slaps me across the face with it. It stings, but it also helps the itchiness. I try not to let on that I liked it a little.

“Why don’t you get it wet?” he says as he shoves it in my mouth. It’s huge, and it doesn’t really fit, but he forces it. “Lick it. Spit on it you little slut!”

When it’s wet, he walks around the table and looks at me. He slaps my pussy hard, and I squeak involuntarily. I think he will fuck me in my pussy then, and I am wet in spite of myself. I am dripping, in fact. I actually start to ache with how much I want it. But he doesn’t give it to me like I think he will. Instead, he suddenly shoves the huge, black dildo deep into my ass.

The pain is intense. The dildo is wide, and I feel my asshole stretch as it is filled up. He laughs at my surprise, and he sounds to vicious. He starts fucking me with it, hard. I feel it slam in and out of me, and it feels good even as it hurts. Because I am on my back, some of the wetness from my pussy drips down, so at least there is enough lube for what he is doing.

Then, he shoves it is and gets a scarf. He ties it around me in such a way that it is holding the dildo in my ass.

“Get ready for my fist,” he says.

I am not ready, but he doesn’t seem to care. He starts by plunging three fingers in. He works them in and out a few times.

“You are so wet,” he says. “You like being fucked in the ass, don’t you? You nasty little whore. You LOVE a big cock in your ass. Look how wet you are! A dripping cunt doesn’t lie. You are loving this. What a little slut you are!”

He adds another finger. Now he is fucking me with four fingers. He closes his hand together and adds his thumb. As his whole fist shoves inside of me, I scream and try desperately to squirm away. It is so painful that I can’t stand it and I beg him to stop. I don’t say my safeword though, so he keeps his fist inside me. He starts to move it in and out, in and out. I feel like i am being torn in half. I’ve forgotten all about my safeword. I scream and beg and tears well up in my eyes again. I am overwhlmed, and I feel the muscles in my strain. In spite of the scarf, the dildo is pushed out of my ass.

“You naught girl,” he says. “I wanted you totally filled and you pushed the dildo out of you. Oh… I am going to have to punish you for that.”

He withdraws. Then he comes back with a whip. Before I know what is happening, he is whipping my pussy and my tits. He does it so hard that the welts raise immediately  He doesn’t even tell me to thank him, he just hits me while I scream.

When he stops, I am covered in welts. He unties me. He tells me to get to get on my knees. He tells me to bow down all the way to the floor and lick his feet. Does he really expect me to do this?!? Feet are so gross!  I feel like I am going to break a lot of boundaries tonight…