I Am A Shameless Promotions Whore


I used to have a magazine in my early 20’s and I have always been into promotions. I have helped bands and friends with small businesses and anyone doing something cool my whole life. I have earned myself the titled of “Shameless Promotions Whore,” which I am very proud of.

So I wanted to promote this blog.

I made a Facebook page, but it was hard! They only want real people on Facebook, and of course, I am not giving up any personal information, because this blog could ruin my professional career. While I have worked as a Dominatrix and I continue to be active in the BDSM community, I don’t use my real name at clubs. (I use a scene name instead.)

Actually, just a tangent: Everyone should use a scene name and try not to appear in pictures. There is no reason you can’t chose a normal name if you don’t want to be something like “Shadow” or “Rain.” You can have your scene name be “Kyle” or “Michelle.” It’s not about having an exotic name. It’s just about going by a different name than you would in your professional life.

Of course, the no pictures rule can get annoying sometimes. One of the huge issues I have when I move to a new scene is that I can’t prove that I have ever even been to a kink club before. This whole “pics or it didn’t happen” attitude doesn’t work when you throw private play parties where you don’t take pictures, and you go to private sex clubs where you have to lock your phone and everything else you have in a locker.

This can be a pain, HOWEVER, remember that there is a reason for it. Vanilla people are sometimes curious and sometimes okay with kink. But you can never predict how they will react, and sometimes they react very badly.

It’s pretty much the same thing as coming out as a atheist. That can loose you a job (though they will pretend it wasn’t over religion so that you can’t sue.) It can also loose you friends and family.

Kink is the same. You need to be careful who you tell.

With that in mind, I like Twitter because they don’t ask for your birthday or use facial recognition software on your pictures like Facebook does, (all very creepy!)

Anyway, if you have a Twitter, I’d love it if you followed me. It would help the cause of getting my little blog a bit more traffic, and I’d be much more inspired to write regularly if I had more than a few hundered readers. (No offense to the few hundred readers I DO have. You guys rock! But I’d love it if you told your friends about me.)

Thanks for listening to that rant. It was a bit long and rambling. Cheers from the Magically Delicious Super Slut!


Jumping on the bandwagon

I wasn’t even sure about writing a blog (and I’m still not.) Now I’ve been pushed into a Twitter account too. I don’t think I have a whole lot to say, but amid theĀ encouragementĀ of people far more enthusiastic than me, I am putting myself out there a little.

So, now I have to do this:

I just met you and this is crazy, but I’m on Twitter so follow me maybe? (Yes, I reddit too much.)

I think it looks like the Twitter Bird getting head. (Photo I took at Love Castle)